Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Radio silence.

My apologies dear readers.
Things are going on, and I'm overwhelmed.  Not truly bad...just...more going on in the old brain pan, and when I sit down, my brain shuts off.  Or all  systems do.  I don't have to be 'on'?  ok.  beeeeew.  Shut down.  

It's not even really a time thing.  I have time to make.  Just no energy.

Maybe soon I'll get that energy back. 

I'm still here.  Now that May is done (oh, it's mid-June??) I have less going on.  May was 'circus' month.  More literal than figurative!

I was in 3 Lunacy Cabarets, I clowned for 3 days at the International Circus Festival, and I had my first professional (ie, I had a director, and, I get PAYED) clown turn.  It was fun.  but I'm glad it's over.  I've decompressed some (less than I'd like though), and now it's back to my regularly scheduled program.

I've made 3 menu plans that I'll be rotating.
I've committed to 30 minutes of house work everyday.

In a few weeks I'll reveal a surprise. 
Stay tuned!