Monday, October 28, 2013


I might die of withdrawal. 

or I might actually be productive.

Maybe I'll edit some photos.

Or you know.  Unpack the apartment...

J is going to figure the internet stuff out.  So for now, it's hanging out at coffee shops or the library.

See you soon.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Just a moment

A Friday ritual. A single photo - capturing a moment from the week.

pardon all the digital noise!  This rainbow was in the sky when I was on my way to see about our new apartment!  I took it as a good omen.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ziggy and life update

I'm about 26w now.  One more week and I'll be 6 months!!

*deep breath*

Ziggy is about 2 Lbs and 13 inches now.

I can see the movements.  And boy does S/he move!!  Just like her Daddy.  He was a very active kid.  *gulp*
I played the Be Good Tanyas for Ziggy though the i phone on my belly.  S/he responded to that! Crazy dancing.

No more ultrasounds unless there is something suspected wrong.

I'm going a glucose test in a few weeks to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes.  My dads side of the family has some diabetes, and that is considered a risk factor.  I haven't had any of the signs, so I'm hoping it's not the case.  I'm not sure I could go through Christmas season with out chocolate!!!

Being pregnant is WEIRD people.  It's not magical.  I don't know who these lucky women are who have these unicorn and rainbow pregnancies.  But it's not me! 
Don't get me wrong.  Its miraculous!  But flipping WEIRD. 
So far so good though.  The only mild concern is low blood pressure.  And my midwife (and doctor) are not concerned.  The worry is standing up too fast and fainting, and falling over.  I have not been getting dizzy.  Low is much better than high.

Some life updates:
We *finally* got an apartment.
A one bedroom in an old 1930s building.  So BIG rooms.  And 3 walk in closests and 2 flat closets.  Big rooms except for the kitchen.  It's a tiny galley kitchen that doesn't even fit a fridge!  the fridge is in the breakfast nook.  I'm hoping to get/make an island type thing for the nook for extra counter space.  I figure that in the 30's apartments where built for bachelors who didn't cook.  The bedroom will fit the king sized bed!  and we're sticking Ziggy in one of the closets.  Really!  we'll take the door off and make a bed to fit.  Ziggy will be sleeping with us for the first little while anyway (in a bedside co-sleeper) to help with night time feedings.  But naps and quiet time can happen in there.  We're planning on staying in Toronto for another 3 years or so.  We want to be in Peterborough in time for Zig to be in kindergarten. 

We figure we'll move the week after Sisters wedding.  On the 23rd or 24th.  I'd like to paint.  The living room is a horrible olive green.
Sisters wedding is coming fast!  This Saturday.  I got my nails and eyebrows done yesterday.  I've tried on my whole outfit.  My dress still fits!

Speaking of sisters...
I have HUGE news.  I have a new sister.  No, my mom did not give birth recently.  But she did give birth 38 years ago.  Yes, click click click, do the math.  I'm 34. 
My mom got unexpectedly pregnant in '75, and decided to give the baby up for adoption.  A few years ago she opened up her end of the information.

Long story short:  Sister S and I met her on the 6th.  I'll be calling her Sister J here.
I'll write another post with a little more detail soon.

Cliffhanger ending.

Friday, October 11, 2013

just a moment!!

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.

ok...some words...I lay down for bed, and my belly was rather lopsided!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

stoopid busy

I've had too much on my plate to consider sitting and writing.  I would have had a panic attack!

We gave notice in August that we where moving in October.

And we never secured a place!  I'm not entirely sure why.  Some places just plain sucked.  Some places got rented before I got the application to them (the next day!).  One place the application went to a corporate office.  I believe because J's pay stubs vary because his is casual they got freaked out. (that one had a money order and our rent was tied up for almost 2 weeks!) Sometimes I think it was because I'm visibly pregnant.  No one ever said anything, but you get the eyeball.

So on top of packing, I was freaking out.  I didn't want to be homeless!

Luckily we have amazing friends who took us in last minute.  They actually saved our butts twice.  The Movers said there was no way that all our stuff would fit into storage.  Luckily L+L have a garage and basement.  It wasn't a huge amount.  Our bed/bookshelves and a handful of boxes.  That also meant We got to have our own bed.  Pure bliss.  It wasn't moved upstairs right away, so we where sleeping on a futon.  A double.  Now, J and I have a smooshy king sized bed.  We where miserable.  So I whined a bunch on facebook and a couple friends, and L+L moved the bed for us. 

Thank goodness for friends.

We also got an i-phone from a friend, so we have at least a way to communicate.

I'm feeling a lot more relaxed now.  And creative.

Here are a few photos I took with the 'new' phone today:

black eyes in the cosmos

grass hole

ziggy and the leaves


red tips

tiger lounging