Friday, February 21, 2014

week 3

LeoB's 3 week midwife visit was great.

He's a real chunker, gaining 2 oz/day!  At the visit he was 10Lbs 8ozs.

His neck is getting stronger.
He is responding to voices and other sounds.
He is seeing us.
Not a lot of smiles yet.  I had a few the other morning.

It's time to go though the clothes and see what fits now!  Lot's of it is starting to get tight.

Everything has gone SO well.

Breastfeeding has not been a struggle. 
We're feeding on demand.  Anywhere from 1-3 hours.  
He's not a crier, unless I've waited 1 minute too long to feed him, or we're 10 minutes away from home (seriously...not sure how he knows, but he just starts to wail, in the stroller, on the ttc...walking), or the first minute in the car seat or carrier.
He does get fussy, but most of the time he pretty chill.

We're not 'sleep training' as of yet.  I'm co-sleeping as we both get a lot more sleep.  I've mastered nursing laying down.  Love falling asleep nursing. 
Poor J is sleeping on the blow up air mattress.  I had needed to turn the light on to latch, but I've figured it our now.  Pickle is coming for the weekend, so we'll try sleeping with Daddy! 

I'm really looking forward to spring.  Oh so looking forward to it.  I can almost feel the warm breeze on my bare arms!

a valentines date

my chunker

sleeping with daddy

after a bath, in his (fated) lion towel

this was right after the smiles

Monday, February 10, 2014

2 weeks

I have a running commentary in my head of what I'd like to post...but now it's gone!  Lets see if over tired mommy brain can remember a few things.

Lion man is now 16 days old.
Last weigh in he was 8Lbs 11oz.  He gained a pound in 5 days.

We'd been having trouble with him sleeping on his back.  He was gurgling up his milk, but not spitting up.  The midwife wasn't worried, but really, who wants that, so we where sleeping with him on my chest.  We kept putting him on his back, and finally he didn't gurgle and slept between a feeding.  I can have a much more relaxed sleep now, even if it broken up every 2 hours.

J is a wonderful daddy and lets me nap and have baths when I need to during the day between feeding.  I'm not quite ready to try bottle feeding just yet.  He certainly loves L very much.
I am enjoying breast feeding.  It is going very very well. 

I've gone out a few times.  One midwife appointment on the streetcar.  Lionel slept on the way there, and cried on the way back.  I wish people wouldn't stare.  I don't think most people realize that it makes me feel badly.  I don't think most people are annoyed, but just curious and drawn to the noise.  Poor little guy.  There wasn't anything I could do.

here are some photos from the week!

this is mid sneeze!

J's bio dad, Grandpa W

Sunday, February 2, 2014

one week

Lionel turned one week yesterday.

From his birth weight of 7lbs 2 oz, by day 3 he lost 2 oz.  By day 7 he gained back 11oz.  I'm  not worried about my milk supply.

We're all just sleeping, eating, peeing and pooping.  Well, Jason's gone to work 3 times too.

Here are a few cell phone pictures from this week:

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5
day 6

day 7

day 8, our first outing!

Lionel and I had a photo shoot yesterday:

these booties where a gift for my dad when he was born.  his feet where too big.  Grandma kept them and passed them to me