Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sister update!

 Over a month ago I left you hanging regarding my new sister, Sister J.

We had a really great first meeting at our mom's place.  Our traditional pancakes and peameal bacon breakfast.

Sister J and looks a lot like my mom, and I look a lot like her.  Sister J is darker, and shorter.  Mom says she takes after my opa.

Our first visit was really nice, we all chatted very well.  Amazingly we have a lot in common.  We both knit, and we both want to own alpacas!  My mom noticed certain gestures, and ways we speak that are similar too.  Part of it I'm sure is generational, we're only 4 years apart, and, although Sister J didn't grow up in Toronto, she did grow up close.  But some of her similarities are with my mom too, very cool.  Brings up the whole nature vs. nurture thing!
Since our first meeting early October we've gotten together a handful of times.  We had a sister Brunch, with Sarah's wife (who will be now known as ... just to confuse you dear readers, Sister K!  HA!)  Sister J brought over, with a friend, a bunch of maternity and baby clothes her firend was getting rid of, and we all had tea.  There was my baby shower.  As well as Lunch and an afternoon of crafting.

We seem to be able to be comfortable just sitting and crafting and not forcing chatter.  It was really nice to hang out.

So, how did we find each other?  The magic of facebook.  Sister J had mommy's info, her name, birthday, hometown.  Except, mom spells her last name differently now.  BUT my Uncle Jim still spells it how it got changed once my oma and opa changed it to make life easier.  Sister J found Uncle Jim on facebook.  A friend decided they look alike.  I am connected to Uncle Jim as niece.  Sister J and I look alike.  I am connected to Mommy.  Sister J messaged me.  IN APRIL.  It got put in the 'other' folder in the facebook inbox.  Did you know that that exists?  yup.  I bet you've been missing messages.  Maybe not as epic as my find...but you never know.  So I gave her mommy's info (with permission) and blammo, a few weeks later we where meeting.

And how am I feeling you ask?  After the initial shock, and it was a good, exciting shock, it's really really nice to have more family.  Esp. family you knew where out there.  It's also nice to have new family that you like!
I sometimes find it odd.  I'm not the oldest!  lol. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

house wife

I have never been a good hausfrau.  But I'm learning now!

I actually feel very accomplished because I'm doing the dishes every day.  Maybe it's because the rest of the house is in shambles that it doesn't matter.
and I do laundry.  But it never *all* gets put away.

I am however amazed at how quick a daily kitchen clean up can be.  Maybe 20 minutes.

I have a goal of picking up each evening.  Hasn't happened yet.  I keep forgetting.

Jason and I figure there is no point going back to work before Ziggy is in school full time.  Child care is too expensive.  I'm going to try to continue gardening at the church like I did this year.  There is a big lawn, and a few beds.  20 hours a month is the average I did this season.  I should be able to work around J's work schedule, or just wear Ziggy on my back while I weed.

I never really wanted to go back to work right away.  Now I have some time to think about what I want to do once I get to Peterborough in a few years.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lumpy, Bumpy and Grumpy

It's what I've been calling Ziggy, Me and J as of late.

J isn't much of a morning person before his coffee. 

I'm now 29w 4d.  Just over 6 and a half months.  10w and 3d til I am due.

26ish weeks

27 weeks

Nov. 2, Haloween party.  The cat who swallowed the canary. (27w 2d)

this morning 29w 4d.  I told J not to get my head!
I can't imagine how I can possibly get bigger!

Things are fairly text book.
I've started pregnancy insomnia and joint inflammation.  At night my joints ache, including my knuckles!  I've started drinking tart cherry juice.  It has properties that reduce inflammation, as well as increasing melatonin.  It's been 3 days.  Last night I had a very good sleep, except for the fact my belly was sore from a growth spurt!  Do you remember growing pains in your legs?  I got them in my belly last night!  We'll see if the good sleep continues or we'll have to start calling me Grumpy Bumpy.