Tuesday, December 22, 2015

a Christmas rant: or why I gave myself permission to bail

Feeling drained. So are J and Bunny. The reason we did Christmas with J's mom yesterday and today, rather than with the whole extended family on the 25th, was that I knew it would be too much for us let alone Bunny.  We traveled about 2 hours on transit (bus, subway subway bus, then car) to Richmond Hill.  With all our gear (2ce as much on our way home what with presents and leftovers) and a toddler.  The problem:  She doesn't get it.  I don't know if she thinks its character building to 'suffer', or if she's forgotten what it's like to have a toddler.  Or if she's never taken transit with a baby/toddler AND 5 large bags.  She doesn't trust J enough to believe him when he tells her why we aren't going for Christmas day, or how hard it is to travel. 
I was going to go on.  But I could go on for a billion years.  And laying blame doesn't help set my mind at ease. 
I guess my point was:  I gave myself permission to back out of family events this year.  Or change plans if I need to.  The (mental and physical) health of my child (and me!) is more important.  3 days in a row crammed full of people that he rarely has met (and I see one-3 xs/year) is not worth, frankly, the aggravation. For all involved. 
Maybe we need to make more time to visit with our so called loved ones more often and dispense with these (more often than not) awful obligations.  No wonder Jason and I (and many more people) get Chrismasitis! 
I do think that a certain amount of giving is important from all involved in a family.  And by giving I don't mean gifts.  Hang the gifts.  And by hang, I mean something ruder.  I don't need (or want 3) bars of mint chocolate (I'll regret saying that late when I'm prowling the house and ending up mixing melted chocolate chips with peanut butter) 
wait...back to my point. Giving; us spending 2 hours on transit, MIL hosting and providing dinner, the teenager sucking it up and ending basement hibernation for a few hours of time with family. 
In the end though.  If I'm being insulted, if my gestures of kindness are being thrown back in my face, if my child is being humiliated (The look on his face.  He was so confused!  at almost 2.  He understood something wasn't quite right), my spouse is being disrespected, I'm done giving. 
When it stops being joyful, it needs to just stop.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

a couple slow cooker recipes

How very exciting.  My first real post since April, and it's recipes for the slow cooker. 
I don't even have snazzy photos. 
This is actually for me for when I forget what I'm doing.
both of these are great on the stove too.

Mild chicken curry

1 tbsp fat
1 onion, sliced
4 tbsp curry power/paste*
1 small/med butternut squash (or your choice!!), diced
1 large potato, diced
1 large tomato, diced
4 chicken breasts (or meat of choice), diced (sub in chickpeas if you want a hearty veg option)
1 cup red lentils
2 cups chicken stock
1 cup coconut milk
1 bunch of spinach, chopped

Saute onions until light brown, add curry powder, cook until fragrant
Chuck onions, squash, potato, tomato, chicken and lentils into slow cooker.  Toss. Add chicken stock
Either put it in the fridge, or cook now.
I think I cooked it for 6 hours first on high, then on low for 2-3 hours.  I have no doubt it was done before then.
Add spinach and stir to wilt.  Add coconut milk, stir.  Serve over rice

*I make my own curry powder.
1tbsp each whole coriander, cumin, cardamom, fennel. ground up, sieve to remove the shells.
1/2 tbsp fenugreek
3 tbsp turmeric
Stir it all up!

Sausage and bean stew
(thanks to Mrs. MacDonald for serving a version of this to us on Halloween)

4-6 sausage, sliced
1 onion, diced
1 tbsp fat
1tbsp flour
1 zucchini, diced
1 celery stick, diced
1 red pepper, diced
1 can beans of choice, drained
1 can diced tomatos

Saute onion in fat until light brown, add flour and cook a few minutes.
toss everything else in slow cooker.
cook on high for 2 hours, and low for however long it takes to be done.
serve over rice or pasta or spaghetti squash!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

having a toddler means

he won't let you on the computer anymore, and once he's in bed, all I want to do is veg!

check out Scooter's instagram page.
and mine.

Maybe I'll get an update soon!!

for now there is Game of Thrones to watch!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday, December 26, 2014

long, over due.

It's Boxing day.  I can't sleep.  Bunny is going to get up in 3-4 hours.  I've slept 4.

Let's do an update.  Lionel is now 11 month old.  Last update was 8 months!  We've got some catching up to do!!


I did NOT enjoy 8 moths old!  immobile, curious, teething.  I called Bunny a crankenstien and a wiener multiple times on facebook!
Nursing became more of an exhibitionist sport.  Bunny is very distractable.  Luckily he doesn't stay latched on!  No elastiboob for me!
We moved up to the extra large diaper covers for night time double diapers.  32+Lbs.  the large size go to 36Lbs.  In Oct. he was 30+Lbs
Bunny was sort of trying to be more mobile.  He could push himself backwards while on his tummy, but he always got caught on table and hair legs and would get really annoyed!
Bunny started consistently signing "milk"  or "mommy milk" as we call it.
He started biting me.  Not just while nursing.  I suspected it was because he was bored.
I started trying to get Bunny *back* to sleep without nursing.  Had some success mid October.
Bunny started noticing when Dada leaves.  He's whimper some when he goes out.  this escalated into when ever Anyone leaves.  Funny guy.  People are impermanent.  He never cried for long, but he certainly noticed!!
By the end of October I had emptied our bin of clothes given us!  He is in 18-24 month clothes. 


Sleeping is weird.  There are some nights he wont let me unlatch, even though he is sound asleep.  What a pain in my hip.
Bunny started using the sigh for 'milk' for everything.  We sign 'milk', 'all done', 'more', 'eat'.  I can see on his face he knows there is a 'right' thing to do, then I can almost see a mental shrug when he does 'milk' with both hands for 'all done'.
I am embarrassed to say I hit my breaking point with the nipple biting and I yelled very forcefully at Bunny.  As sad as it made me too loose it, he stopped biting. 
We both got really sick in November.  First with a bad head cold that knocked us right out, then a few weeks later we got the flu.  We where at Oma's for the majority of the bad cold, so that was nice to have someone take care of me!  (like only a mommy can)
Bunny started playing peek-a-boo at Oma's.  SO fun!
We went for a visit to Presquile and Grandpa Tai and Nana.


Lionel had been a bit of a grump.  Turns out it was a brain growth spurt.  He started mimicing facial expressions.  He closes his eyes and opens his mouth (like when I smile big or laugh at him) and he sticks his tongue out when we do.
His mobility has been very slowly improving.  By early December Bunny was doing an unconscious bum scoot.  He had no intention with it, but he got around.  If I put a toy out of reach he got upset, not realizing he could get there.
Clapping!!  so adorable when he claps!
Bunny figured out he can pull my shirt down and fish around for his own mommy milk.  Lovely.
Lionel started to more clearly sign 'more' and 'all done'.  'More' looks like clapping, and 'all done' looks like 'milk' with both hands, but he's getting there!
Lionel stared saying dada in association with Dada, and now he says "tickle tickle", or rather "tchcka tchcka" and tickles his own ribs.  His peek-a-boo has improved significantly!
Jason had got some coffee in a big tin.  when that was done he cleaned it out and gave it to Lionel for a drum.  He LOVES it.

We weighed him yesterday and he's 34 Lbs.  He was 32 a my moms the second week in November, so he's only gained a half a pound a week now.  I'm thankful for that!
Turns out this Bunny is afraid of cats!  We where at Mink's house and he cried every time he saw them.  And then at MILs house, she had a ceramic cat, and he pointed at it and cried!

Bunny hates to stand.  Hate hate hates it.  He'll walk eventually!
He loves music and as soon as he hears it he starts to dance.
He hit's himself in the head, or bonks his head on objects gently.  Learning where his body ends I suppose.
He's started putting things in things.  We got a shape sorter and I'm excited to teach him that.
His mobility now has intention.  He's doing a one legged crawl/bum scoot.  We'll be baby proofing when we get back from Oma's!!

We need to get rid of the exersaucer.  I think it's delayed his development some.  I'm not concerned, and we'll miss having it around for sure.  We need a rocking horse or something.

I'm still wearing him, and I owe a post about babywearing!  I took a babywearing educators course and am excited about passing on info!

So far the holidays have been pain free!  one more, and it's my mom's family.  We've never had drama.  I think this has been the easiest Christmas ever.  We haven't got too much stuff.  Im thankful for that.  Photo post up next!