Monday, April 29, 2013

half a dozen

I've started half a dozen posts this week!

I think the problem is that I've got a lot going on in my head!

a list if you will:

-The impending Starbucks promotion.
          I hate that this is taking up so much of my brain power.  Being conniving is not in my nature.  It also saddens me that I need to be conniving for a job I'm practically already doing.  And one that is only $1 an hour more than I'm making now.

- I submitted a 15 minute turn to Toronto Festival of Clowns and got accepted!
          Now I have 5 weeks to perfect this turn.  I feel ill (in a good way!) every time I think about it. 

- My new way of eating
          No sugar is way hard!  Making sure I have food to eat so I don't eat junk is hard.  I just have to keep on keeping on, because I DO feel better.

- Baby making
          Still going at it.  (ha ha)

- Getting to the gym
          I need to get fit!  No sugar help keep me slim, but I am SO out of shape.  Tai chi and weight lifting are in order.  Working almost 40 hours a week makes it hard. 

- Performances other than Festival of Clowns
          I have 2 other performances coming up for Lunacy Cabaret too!!  I've done both before, so it's just a matter of rehearsing a couple times.

I'm not sure, other than going day to day, what will make this next month easier.
I'm not feeling too over whelmed.  But I find myself split.  I'll start one thing, and jump to another. 

Focus.  I need to focus.  Good food will help with that.

Friday, April 19, 2013

no sugar fail

You may have noticed my sugar free ticker is back to 1.

I had a fail day today.  I was feeling rather grumpy.

I got written up at work.  A customer decided that they wanted to cause a ruckus, and came into the store with an agenda.  When things didn't go their way (for a $1 off coupon!) they contacted my district manager, and I got blamed.  My manager didn't want to write me up because she saw I really was in the right, but she feels she has to play the game too.  My promotion is not in jeopardy, she made that clear.

(the guy didn't give me a chance to 'just say yes'.  He was all wham bam I want your district managers number.  Fucker)

So grump.  I didn't binge.  But I did consciously eat sugar and wheat.

The nice thing is.  Tomorrow.  It's another day.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One week (plus) - no sugar

It's been 11 days!

I had two oopses.  I put ketchup on my fries.  At least it was organic?  And the sandwich meat had sugar in it.  Damn hidden sugar!

oh, and I licked a bit of caramel.  Just for the taste.  Two licks and I threw it out.

Day 3 was the hardest.  I guess it was when my body started to clue in.


I was also *very* bloated and gassy.  It was foul.  I chalk that up to the death of yeast.  Apparently if the yeast dies too fast the toxins can actually harm you.  I'm glad I'm taking it slow, and not doing the full on candida diet.  The candida diet is no sugar at all, not even fruit sugar.  And certain vegetables are off the list too, things like carrots and sweet potatoes. 

I have just started menstruating, and I had a pretty big chocolate craving yesterday.  To celebrate my one week I allowed myself a feather of chocolate, made with agave.

The biggest problem I have encountered this week was a pretty big IBS flareup.  I actually left work early, and left them in the lurch. 

The saddest part for me is that I really haven't felt any better.  I'm going to keep going though.  What I've read says that yeast die off makes things worse.

I've been reading Megan Telpner's UnDiet.  A lot of it I know.  Very basically, eat whole foods, stay away from sugar, alcohol and caffeine.  She goes into what a calorie is, and why we should ignore them.  We need to drink more, and almost only water.

She goes into cravings, and habit changing.  

All in all I'm inspired to keep making changes to my lifestyle.  Because she doesn't just talk about diet.  This has to be my new life.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a Start Local update

It's been a bit since I've talked about Start Local, and living local.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it though!

I think I've figured out what living local means to me.

First I look for product that was made in Canada.  Or really, as close to my home as possible.  Sometimes that means Ontario, and sometimes that even means Toronto.  Being in a big city means I have the luxury to get on the ttc and seek out Toronto made items.

Then I need to stick to my small independently owned stores.  My green grocers and butchers.  Rather than Lablaws or Soby's.  When I need to go to a larger store for things like toilet paper in more than 4 rolls (and eco friendly) I will go to an independently owned grocery store like No Frills.  We had a local independent large grocery store, but it close recently. 

I'm challenging myself to buy one thing a week local that I normally wouldn't.  Go to the butcher, farmers market, health food store, small pharmacy.

I live in a neighbourhood that has all that and more for me to shop local.  I don't want anymore good stores to close in my 'hood because I was being lazy!

The Start Local team has a trailer ready!  Click HERE to watch!

Monday, April 8, 2013

sugar free - day one

I did it!  I didn't eat sugar today!

I'm including any sweetener, including maple syrup and honey.
I need to make strategies to keep it up though.

I need ready snacks, and drinks for at work.  For now I'm going to include things with fruit.  I can weed them out once I get hard core.
I'm also sticking to whole foods.  No chips,  processed or other junk food either.

Celery and nut butter
Dried fruit
Nuts and seeds
yogourt and fruit
Banana bread made with dates/apple sauce rather than sugar
beef jerky, home made
kim chi
crackers, home made
Veggies, veggies and more veggies and dip - guacamole!  Hummus!

I've got 2 days off, and I'll try to get as much of this prepped.

I've got to think about drinks too.  I can have tea!  I'd like to stay away from coffee too.  We have hot tea and cold tea.  For now I can drink apple juice if I'm feeling like I want something sweet.  I can also have the smoothies for now, as well as the juice we add to it.

I just need to create new habits. 
I can do this, and be healthy.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

boooooobs (uh, tmi if you don't want to hear about my 'cycle')

yes, that's right.  Boobs.

Lately I have had the unfortunateness (shut up spell check, it is SO a word) of sore breasts during the last 2 weeks of my menstrual cycle.

One of the annoying PMS symptoms that is *also* a pregnancy symptom. 

I thought last month was bad.

This month I can't do anything with out my boobs hurting.  Wearing a bra, not wearing a bra.  Sports bra, underwire, no wire.  No dice.  Walking, running, standing, laying down; on my back or side or front.  I am walking around moaning "booooooooooobs"

Picture if you will; I am wearing a turquoise pashmina tied around my chest.  Why?  maybe the colour helps...

I googled "breast soreness remedies"

I need to:
eat flax
take calcium and magnesium
take evening primrose oil
Put cabbage leaves on my breasts
cold compress
hot compress
and take asprin, or tylonal.

I also decided to ask Facebook.

My friends decided I have candida. 

So I googled *that*.
All the tests and quizzes I did say I more than likely have candida.

I looked at all the candida diets.


I'm going to quit refined sugar right now.

After I get my period I will start hard core.  That will be the 17th or so.
I'm putting it off because we *are* trying to get pregnant, and I don't want to go too drastic if I happen to be. 

That means:
no sugar.  Only stivia to sweeten *gag*.
no fruit.  smoothies! *sob*
no caffeine.  "oh, no starbucks patron, I don't drink anything in the store."
no alcohol (meh)
no gluten (what eves)
no legumes
no starchy veg
no yeast
no cheese, milk

For now.  no sugar no gluten, and more flax and cabbage.

On the plus side, I can eat fermented veg...
I can make kim chi, and sauerkraut and yogourt.

Does ceasar dressing count??

On another note.  I *have* been feeling rather yucky lately.  I also think I have something wrong with my gallbladder.  Odd pain in my lower right rib area.  I'm making an appointment with my doctor to get checked out, and I'll mention this candida thing.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Smoothie majik

My friend Kate often posts about the smoothies and other delectable healthy food she makes.  One day she she said she put cilantro in her smoothie.  I was inspired.

I made a peach cilantro smoothie, and then next day, a peach, strawberry smoothie.

Peach Strawberry Cilantro Smoothie
Plug in your blender.
Plop in
a banana
6 strawberries, leaves and all.  The leaves apparently are full of vitamins too.
6 slices (or one whole, minus the pit) peach
1/2 cup of yogourt
2 tbsp OJ concentrate
a large handful  of washes cilantro
Pour coconut water half way up
full the rest of the way up, to just under where the other ingredients stop, with water

Blend!  (oh, put the lid on first)

This made about 1 litre of smoothie.

I was in smoothie heaven.  I kept saying "mmmmm" out loud.