Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh, it's New Years Eve

I'm not big on resolutions...mostly because I forget about them in a month.
I do like to reflect and think about things.  And decide what I might do better next year.

Communication is a big thing here.  My husband and I would fail at communication if we where being graded.  We both get quite defencive.  and I have a lot of trouble with empathy.  I've got a lot of sympathy.  When I notice how you are feeling, I'm SO there.  But put myself in your shoes, instinctively, sorry boss.  I just don't get it. 
So that's one thing to work on, empathy, and dropping the defences.

oh that reminds me of this TED talk about vulnerability:  

Yea, some food for thought eh?

I also hope to be a little less scattered.  Maybe I need a big white board.  'Cause note books and day planners don't seem to work!  (oh, I should go get one...a day planner).  It takes me like 10 hours to do 3 loads of laundry cause I keep forgetting! 

I also want to make more of an EFFORT to see my friends.  it's so easy to just go home and lump it out. 
Friends!  come over for dinner!  we don't have to have a marathon.  come over for a couple hours. 

what are your plans for change this year?  or is everything GOOD?

Just a moment

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


making something for someone.  I was halfway through...and I have to frog it.  SO FRUSTRATING.

thank goodness for big needles and big yarn...looks *much* better than the first go anyway, now that I know what I'm doing.


wow, after that, I'm only knitting with big yarn and needles...the *ahem* looks great, and it took no time at all!  I was done in a day!  Photos as soon as it it given to the person.

Monday, December 27, 2010

holiday making share

here are some of the gifts I made (that I remembered to take photos of!!)

 Bodum Cozy.  Felted wool sweater, inside, cotton jersey outside.  I am going to make another for my dad, I'll do a little tutorial!

Leg warmers.  These are made from sweater sleeves.  I have another sweater to make some for me...another tutorial!  yay!

knit arm warmers for my step dad

so...those are the only photos I remembered to take *ahem*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas wrapping!

I'm a bit of an environmentalist.
I hope I've stopped being so...preachy and pushy, and I'm trying to lead by example (asking for no napkins/bags, making sure I have my handkerchief/bags, bringing reusable cups/bottles, walking/cycling when I can)

I wrap in the same way.  Like I said...we started doing stockings.  that eliminates wrapping (cause we don't wrap the insides).  I made fabric shopping bags for a craft show a few years ago, and they make GREAT wrapping.  and double as a gift!  if I'm giving a t-shirt, I'll roll it up in a tube and use a nice fat fabric ribbon to hold it in place.  or if there are other things in my gift bundle, I'll do just that...bundle them up, in the t-shirt, and wrap them.

this year I'm giving myjason a sweater...that wont fit in a sock...but I have fabric!  I cut out a big square, and used some clips and bows (fine, they are hair clips...shhhhh!), and ta da!  a wrapped gift!  (this might only work for people in your immediate family so you can take back the fabric...)

 (that's out Christmas Hibiscus...we couldn't afford, or have space for a tree this year!!)

Soule Mama has interesting, sustainable ways she wraps/gifts in her family.  and there just *must* be others out there!

are you environmentally conscious about how you wrap?  what do you do?  how do you wrap?

wait...I'm almost done!?

I'm almost done my Christmas stuff...but, it's only Dec. 23rd...
so confused.

I got my stepdad's wrist warmers done...and as long as the fit...I think he'll like them.
the pyjamas are done.
the things for my sister and mom are done...

Hot\cold bags need to be filled...will get the rice and flax seeds and lavender today. and zipzapzop 'em up.
the bodum cover has been started.
and I need to make Christmas cards.  I'm doing block prints again...the block is cut...I just need to stamp, then cut the paper up.  I'm sure I'll get mostly done today...

pictures forth coming.  I will probably do one big post holiday photoblog post.

Although I'm sure I'll sell some great last minute stuff, I've decided it's too much to bring my stuff down to Good Catch.  I realized I still need to add to all the tags, explaining what it is ("up-cycled textiles used"  "a patch!  for your jacket, pants, knapsack, wall!" etc.)  oh well...not meant to be this year.  I'll go in the new year and get my stuff in...maybe valentines will be a good seller.  (have no idea what I'm talking about...find Plum Judy on Facebook)

I also have to clean the house.  its a disaster from my craft show tornado.  I'll get that done today too...or at least surface clean...

Monday, December 20, 2010

giftmas roll call

I have one stocking 100% done.  *phew*
Jason and I started doing stockings instead of gifts a few years back.  If it can fit in a knee high sock, you may get it as a gift.  and that's a lot. 

there is a possibility that my Mommy, Sarah and Katie (sister and girlfriend) read this, so you will have to wait until after Giftmas to know what I made for them! 

For Jason:
awesome dark yellow, kinda tiger stripped socks.
a 5 oz flask
earbuds ('cause he keeps stealing mine!!!)
a longsleeved t-shirt I bought...has a really neat bird print on it.
a knit alpaca touque
and I'm going to make him a bodum (french coffee) press cozy
and I think thats it...we don't do big gifts here

for my Mother in law, Jan, all the 'kids' got together and chipped in and bought a flat screen tv...we know she's wanted one for a while...I'm also making her pyjamas.  she forgot a nightgown last time she was here, so borrowed a pair of pj pants from me and one of Jason's t-shirts and *loved* it. I thought I'd make her a set and make her a t-shirt too.  One with a 'Maggie' dog on it.  aka the white Scottish terrier in the dog food commercial who she loves but doesn't *want*.  and with the same matterial, I'm going to make her an eye bag.  one made with rice, or buckwheat  that you can heat or freeze.

For my step dad, I'm knitting wrist/hand warmers.  He cycles and his hands get very very cold in the winter.  I hope these help.  he's a very picky...particular he may hate them...and the funniest part never know if he likes or hates it...

My dad is in Cuba until Feb 14, so I'm not worrying about him or my step mom right now.  *phew*

I *think* I'll get everything done.  I *hope*.  I smashed my knee today.  I got tangled in a loop of newspaper binding and fell funny and twisted and bruised my knee.  I still need to go out to get a few more 'fixings' for gifts.  : /  I'm also in charge of pie for Christmas dinner!  eeee!  I'm going to make a squash (rather than pumpkin...) apparently pumpkin is quite runny, and butternut squash makes it just as nice.  and I want to be a marter and make it from scratch...but not the crust! ha ha. I'm also going to make an apple crisp.  And on the 26th I'm bringing dessert and bread to my moms family Christmas.  I better start planning that too...

Friday, December 17, 2010

this moment

I am further inspired by Soule Mama

"{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

X-Mess shopping

I'm a bit of a Grinch.  I don't really *like* Christmas that much. 

I LOVE giving.  but...I's a bit much.  I hope that one day I can calm down and just enjoy it.  I dis-like getting *stuff*.  I LOVE presents.  But when they are well thought out.  I prefer nothing, or a card, over a bag full of *stuff* I don't need, from China.

Here is a great article about gift giving for kids:

maybe we can do this for our adult recipients too! 

I finished my main Christmas shopping...mostly things to make gifts. 
My hubby and I have got into the tradition of giving stockings to our family.  I'm a little torn, cause it's alway *stuff* but I try and put thought into the items I get, and try to get quality.  although sometimes, like this year, I couldn't resist a couple cheap joke gifts for my sister and Katie...I'll let you know after Christmas.
The stockings are always fun socks too...

A few years ago I also started making tree ornaments for my extended family.  we seem to have started a tradition of bringing home made gifts for everyone.  Home made chocolates, candied nuts, knit scarves.  This will be the 3rd year of ornaments from me.

We're having a lot of trouble thinking of what to get Jason's son Pickle.  He's 13 and is only interested in video games.  literally.  He won't read on principle.  and although he has a talent for it, he has stopped drawing and playing the trumpet.  Poor kid.

this year we don't have a space or budget for a tree, so I decorated out we have a Christmas hibiscus!

10 days 'til touch down. 
Are you ready?  how do YOU cope?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

the fair!!

I'm never writing "I'll post photos tomorrow"  ever again...


so the first day of "Artisan Gift Fair" was kinda cruddy.  I *just* made back the price of my table.  I was supposed to get a ride there from a friend.  well, long (personal) story short...her guy turned off her phone so she didn't get my wake up call...I made it there on transit!  I *love* my bundle buggy!  *lovelovelove*  AND our public transit system.  there where elevators at both sides of my subway ride so I didn't have to hump my buggy up or down.

the show was ok.  it was slow slow slow.  BUT
my friends Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and his parents, newly named Grammy and Granddad Smith came to show with 5 day old baby Smith.  I almost died.  and almost cried.  And I have a cold so I didn't hold him.  (that too made me want to cry)
Toodles and Sally came, and Cory and Laura.   and Japhet and Paula and Uncle Fee Fee too!  so happy making.  My sister Sarah came to help and brought her girlfriend Katy too.
I really think if it wasn't for all of them coming to support me (with AND with out buying) I would have cried for real and felt much more defeated than I did.

here are the promised photos, along with some from the fair.  (no t-shirts yet though...)



 Fabric yoyos

 Li'l Scrappers
 Too Woo






Thursday, December 9, 2010

craft show!

I'm doing a craft show this Saturday.  I've been sewing for about 10 days, and feel ok about where I am.  I decided that I wasn't going to force myself to do more than I could.  Little pushes to get some stuff on the table. 
I have:
30 t-shirts (crud...I didn't take any photos!  I'll un-pack them and take some tomorrow)
40+ fabric Yoyos
13 Li'l Scrappers
Photo greeting (blank) cards from images I've taken
some left over purses and wallets and a handful of patches.

I decided to donate $10 for each Li'l Scrapper sold to Kids Help Phone

I've been printing tags/business cards, and paper bags today too.  I had decided not to sew tomorrow, but I'm going to finish up some patches that used to be wallets that I didn't have the patience to complete. 

I'm not sure I'll do a craft show again.  I won't count it out.  I get bored making the same thing over and over, and I don't feel there is a lot of respect for the artisan crafter.  I guess I'll see what happens on the 11th and 19th (I signed up for 2 days this year.  I sure hope I don't sell everything on the 11th!!  lol.  I'm tired of making.  and I still have my Christmas making to do too. 

One day at a time. 

I decided to go dancing with my friend Tanya Friday.  Not sure what I was thinking, but I have been wanting to dance for a while.  I hope I survive!!

I'll post the photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the line up

I am out of the house, so I don't have my photos with me, but I thought I'd do a wee update and tell you what I'm working on.  photos when I come home!

On the needles:
I am knitting a hat for my hubby.  I'm making it from bought alpaca and an unraveled cotton sweater.  This is the first wearable project I'm making from a pattern!  I've had to frog it once already.  it was far too big, even with the recommended yarn type and needles.  oh well!  He asked for one with a brim so he can  duck his head and block the wind/snow from his eyes.

I've got some arm tubes for my step dad.  I'm using yummy naturally grey alpaca, and unraveled alpaca/acrylic red for a wee spiral at he bottom.  I'm making it up as I go, and I'm on the second one, so I hope I can remember what  did the first time!!  I also hope they fit...I have NO idea how big his hands are...

and 3rd on the needles is a Mario Mushroom for my step son.  I'm going to try and make it into a key chain.

oh, and off the needles, I have an un-finished elephant for my friends who are about to have a baby.  Need to finish it asap...the shower is in a couple weeks.  She still needs foot pads and an ear.

I also want to knit dish clothes for my dad's Christmas present...but he's away until Feb. so they can wait.

I just finished a diaper bag for the same couple having a baby.  I LOVE it.  and I want to keep it...but that is how I know it's a good thing and should go out into the big world.

I'm making Yo-Yos for my family for Christmas decorations.  here are Yo-Yos :

I'm putting bottons in the middle, and ribbon to hang them.

And for the craft show I'm making my bookmarks, patches, t-shirts and li'l scrappers.  *deep breath!* 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


here is some back story:
We've been have a tough go of it for the past 6-8 months.  My hubby Jason was diagnosed with a herniated disk and had to stop working and stop school (he's training to be a Nurse).  We had baby making plans, and I was socking away 45% of my pay cheques so we could survive new baby time.  Then *blamo*  Jason couldn't walk a block.  he stopped working and 110% of my pay went to rent, bills and food.  Not knowing WHAT was going on we ditched our baby plans (*sob*  I was really looking forward to starting a family) and concentrated on getting Jason better.  FF to now, October 27 2010.

Jason can now walk more than a block!  He's going back to school, and back to work.  but our savings are dwindleing, and my boss, he lost a contract, so we had no work.  I had started to look for extra work, and got 2 other jobs.  silly me, I should have known better. Boss got the contract BACK along with a new one.  he needs me too.  I now have 3 sparkle-y jobs.  Do you know what else I did?  I went and signed myself up for 2 days at a craft fair.  *headdesk*  so really, I kinda have 4 jobs haha. 
the rundown:
before October:
Rebecca using 110% of pay to survive, Jason hating himself for not being able to walk a block, let alone work.


Rebecca has 3(4) jobs, is for now sill paying the bills, has 6 weeks until craft fair, 8 until Christmas (oh, did I meantion that I'm crazy and have decided to MAKE all my Christmas gifts from now on? oh, and a friends baby shower is coming up...I'm making stuff for her too >.< )
Jason will be starting work in a few weeks, and is back in school Jan.
Baby making plans back on the table.  (note *plans*.  we are not trying right now)

I'm busy.  I hate being busy. 
BUT.  the season is about to end (4 more weeks??), oh, did I tell you waht I do?  I'm a gardener/landscaper.  we do maintenance until the end of November, once the leaves have all fallen really.

so what am I doing blogging you ask?  I worked a 10 hour day!  lol, and I just sewed for 2 hours...have half a diaper bag done.  I LOVE it, and want to keep it for myself.  That's always a good sign.  it makes me feel double good when I give something away that I love.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

it begins

I've been inspired.  By this blogger, mother, crafter, SouleMama.  I have read all her archives, and now I have nothing left to do but read her *new* posts, and well, start my own crafty blog.  Part of what inspired about her blog is how positive she stays.  She's not whining about her everyday life, home, busy with 4 children, she is living joyously.  She shares her joys and lets us in on her life.  I like that.  she keeps her privacy, but inspires all at the same time.  this is my new goal.

Positivity, and inspiration.  I don't aspire to have 4 children, or write 3 books, but to share my daily (weekly?) joys and craft/life successes.  or something...