Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NO 'POO! one week later.

So, it's been a week for no shampoo.  Now...just to gross you out a bit...I generally went a week with out shampooing *anyway*, at least in the winter when I'm not working.  YES, I bathed, and rinsed my hair in water, I just didn't shampoo...partly because I have pink in my hair, and partly 'cause I just didn't feel the need.  I *did* however do 3 soda/vinegar washes this week. 

Why did I do 3 when I generally only shampoo once?  My head smelled more heady than normal.  I bet that will calm down though...extra oil?  no detergent?  who knows...maybe it was the hat I was wearing...
or  maybe I just have to get used to smelling like a human rather than a bottle.

I'm hooked though.  My head feels clean, and my hair feels GREAT.

I'm wishing I had taken a photo before I did it last week.  I *have* used product.  My short hair looks like crud when I don't.  I'll see if that stops being an issue in time though.  If not, I'll look into natural product, I think I remember a link a friend shared on the facebook about the only natural hair product she could find...

A fun thing.  My hair squeaks when I'm rinsing out the BS, just like shampoo, so if you are afraid it won't be squeaky clean...it will!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh...By The Way

So...I just realized...

Yes, I'm being pretty durnd open about the fact we are trying to get pregnant.  I'm not sure *how* much more I'm going to share.  One thing I am *not* going to share, for my sanity if something tragic should happen, is if I am pregnant.  Not until at the very least 3 months, and I might try and stretch it to 4. 
I'm sure I will tell friends and family in person, and ask them to keep it a secret.  I might ask certain people for advice.  I might keep private posts and publish them once I *do* announce it.  It's my business, and I get to choose what part of my business I share.  *ahem*  pardon my defensiveness.

I'm asking that you don't ask.  Please don't ask, I hate lying, but I will if you ask, then you might feel all upset when you find out I *did* lie to you.  So don't ask.

Thanks friends!

Plan of attack

I start back to work in a week and 2 days.  This after being off for 6 months.  I have NO idea if I will ever update this blog again! 

I *do* have a plan of attack regarding my week days.  There are several things I want to be doing in the mornings, before I have to be at work at 7:30.
1.  Oil pulling.  That takes 20 minutes
2.  Drinking 3 cups of hot water to help keep my digestive system happy. 
3.  Morning pages.  I haven't started this yet...not sure how long it will take!
4. eat!  and that means *make* breakfast.
5.  yoga/exercise.  My knees and shoulders have been bugging me.  I need to strengthen them.
6.  meditate

Then I have to get dressed and go!
My plan is to make lunch the night before.

When I come home in the evening I used to just shower make dinner and slump.  that needs to change too.

I want to add tidying the living room and kitchen to my evenings so they don't get out of hand.  J had been doing the kitchen when he was off work because of his back, but I took over when he was back at school and I was off.  I might be able to convince him to take the kitchen over again (I hope I hope)  But the point is to keep things tidy so it's not such a pain on the weekends.

My time line:

5:30 am-6:30 am:
Oil pull and drink water.  while I'm doing that I do my morning pages and make breakfast. 
I eat breakfast.
6:30-6:45- meditate
6:45-7:15 - exercise

get dressed and GO.

Work 7:30-5:30(ish)

20 minutes - shower (where you wondering when I was going to bathe?  I shower after work)
One hour- make dinner
20 minutes-30 minutes- Eat.  at the table, no t.v.  (HA!  this is a challenge.  J likes to eat with the tv on.  I want to get into the habit of no tv for when we have kids)
Relax until 8 pm  some days that might be short, some days longer.
8pm-9pm tidy, make lunches, get clothes ready for next day.

Now, I have 2 days I won't be home in the evenings.  Tuesdays is a meditation night, and hooping.  I plan on alternating.  Thursdays is circus conditioning.  Both those nights I won't get home until after my bed time (9:30).  I guess I will make lunch and put out clothes in the 'relax' spot. 

I plan on starting this tomorrow.  (yes!  on a SUNDAY)  Jason get's up at 5:30 right now for clinic duty.  That means I have from 7:30-5:30 all week to get everything done I want to get done that I had *planned* on getting done in the last 6 months.  HA!  I'll take those tasks 25 minutes at a time.

Friday, March 25, 2011


This might be WAY To Much Information.  Just sayin'  no apologies.

Project MakeBaby is ready to launch.

I was in Shoppers today, and prenatal vitamins where on sale.  I have been taking a B multi vitamin (a 'stress release') up until now (it has the 'right' amount of folic acid in it) but I thought since they are on sale I may as well go all out since we're going for it.

My friend Sadie had told me about a store called Red Tent Sisters.  A store devoted to all things women.  From fertility, to your menstrual cycle, to pregnancy to sex.  I felt compelled to go there today.  And do you know what I found out!?  Normal lube hurts sperm!  I mean...not enough to be used as contraceptive, but maybe enough to hurt when one is trying to conceive.  They have a couple lubes that do not hurt sperm, and there is a package that has two all natural lubes, one that is sperm friendly and one that restore the pH in ones vagina (TMI?).  oh!  and it includes ovulation test strips.  cool.  It's called Yes Baby.

Now the truth.  I'm scared.  I am about to try and bring a human being into the world.  WTF.  This is FOREVER.  I mean, even if I have a miscarrage, or the baby is stillborn...it is still forever.  Something that will be with me the rest of my life.  If  (when please God) I carry a baby full term, and it lives, I will be caring for this human for the rest of my life.  Loving this human, this human that isn't even a zygote at the moment, FOREVER.  I have very little concept.  I've had pets.  I think of them.  not daily, but they entre my thoughts everyso often.  Poor old wiener brain, our sweet Kitty.  Our rats, Bubba and Malko. If I feel that amount of love for an animal.  WOW.  If I feel this much Love for J.  If I feel this much Love for *my* Mommy, and my Sister (and for heavens sake!  even my father).  God, how will I survive the love for my child.  Like Ricky Fitts says in American beauty, "Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in"  That's what I feel like, and shit...I'm not even pregnant!
I suppose though, I'm not the first person who will get pregnant, and love their children so much they feel like their heart is going to implode.  I sure hope I'm not the only woman who loves her baby before its even conceived. 

I guess, it's time to jump in, I've wanted this so long.  Do I even know what I'm getting into!?  I suppose if I wasn't scared people would worry.  I am friends, I am.

Just a moment...

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


although my hair dresser might shoot me...I'm going to try going shampoo free.

EEEEWWWWW! you say!

I say EEEEEEWWWWWW to your chemical laden, natural oil stripping, junk you put on your hair!



HOW am I going to stay clean?  that heady smell, although not putrid...isn't exactly nice.

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar.  Are you picturing volcano science experiments?  I am! 


Well...that won't happen in the bath every day.  Too bad eh!?  I've tried this before, but didn't get far...I was younger, and probably forgot to buy more stuff.

I already rinse about once a week with vinegar.  No, I don't smell like salad!

My concern is I have dandruff.  As you may know, dandruff is caused by fungus.  I'm not sure WHY, but it's impossible to kill...just to deal with.  I use the ACV to help with that.  but I do use a dandruff shampoo when I get particularly itchy.  It's expensive and Chemically, and stinky.  I don't like commercial shampoo smells.

Here is a blog with instructions I was directed to by Kelly at Becoming Crunchy!  Kelly inspired me to go all out with this experiment. 

This is for me, and my yet unconceived child. 

We just went easily organic with Mama Earth Organics.  It's been a week and I'm really happy with their produce so far.  AND even J has noticed how much better the food tastes (that could also be the not smoking...YAY!).  I even enjoyed oranges.  I feel kinda guilty eating fruit out of season, and they have a 100% local box.  Even right now it had some good stuff!  But I wanted the bananas, and they assure us the food they CAN get local they do get local.  They have their list of farmers, and I'm REALLY looking forward to May when new food comes out!  YAY spinach!

So, slowly slowly we're getting fewer and fewer chemicals in this house.

I've refused to get a new rug because it's $50.  They are synthetic and off gas and who the heck knows where it cam from and who made it.

I just bought myself a stainless steel sandwich box.  two layers!  We're loosing all our plastic tupperware, so I thought I'd replace some with non plastic.  I'd also like to get some of the tempered glass dishes with lids.  I've started to use mason jars for cut up fruit and muffins!

HEY!  how did this post about shampoo turn into a post about mason jars?  I dunno...but a Mason Jar *is* what I'm going to store my baking soda in.

*edit*  I "washed" my hair with the baking soda paste, with a few drops of lavender oil for itch,  and then did a cider vinegar rinse.  My hair feels AMAZING.  And my scalp isn't itchy AT ALL.  So far so good!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bliss. A Good Day.

I'm having a good day.  I'm letting myself relax.  Not that I've exactly been busy or anything.  I had some knitting I wanted to finish, and the sun was shining just right on my chair.  So I finished up my chapter in "The Feel Good Handbook" (I'll write about it later), made myself another cafe au lait, and finished my cowl...all while listening to a CBC3 podcast.  Oh BLISS. 

This is the first thing I've knit, for myself, from a pattern.  I didn't even cheat and cut corners like I usually do.  Feels good.

I still have to block it so it doesn't curl as much, but here it is!

Wrapped 3 times around. 

wrapped twice
Now, I'm going to get some work done.  And then...go for a walk.  This is one of the first real spring days this year.

Good Day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This too shall pass

I'm getting a new tattoo.

I'm getting the words "this too shall pass"

I do realize that it's a fairly popular phrase to be tattooed.  Here is what it means to me.

Most people will think of the phrase when something perceived as bad is happening. 
I also use it as a reminder that everything passes.  Good things in life pass as well.  Heck.  I will pass.
So although it will be a reminder that the bad times pass, it will be a reminder to enjoy the good.  Don't let the good stuff pass by with out noticing.

I had for a fleeing moment, thought about putting it on the palm of my hand...like a scrawled reminder.  But I'm not that bad ass.
I'm thinking my the inside of my right wrist.   Still pretty bad ass...ha ha.  I won't be getting a desk job anytime soon.  Or do I have any plans to work at Starbucks again.  I'm a gardener.  I have pink hair.

and it's kinda ironic...'cause the actual tattoo...won't pass.  *groan*


my mommy convinced me not to get the tatt.  So we went to the spa instead.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just a moment.

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.

(photo by Ian)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

tutorial...THURSDAY! French Press Cozy

I talked about a Christmas present I made for J, a french press/Bodum cover/cozy.  I made one this week for my Dad's Christmas present (He was away for 2 months, over Christmas, we're celebrating this weekend)

Things you'll need:
-an old felted/shrunken wool sweater, or something for insulation
-3 buttons

First, measure your FP.  Add 2cm to the length.  um...I didn't measure...what I did was use the one I made for J as a template...once you make one, most FPs should be the same around...We have a short one too, but all we do is flip down the top!

Cut the felted sweater to size.
Lay on chosen fabric.

Cut Fabric about 2 or 3 cm bigger than felt.

Pin both long and one short side, using felt as a guide (NOT pinning TO fabric)

Sew along the edge, the size of the felt, and trim off edges.

Flip right side out and slide the felt in.  Tuck the cut ends in, and pin 3 loops of elastic inside.

Sew all around the edges, and 'quilt' the middle.  This will keep the felt from moving around.

Sew 3 buttons on the nice side, opposite the loops.

Now you will have hot coffee for a little longer! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just a moment.

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.

see the rest of the set at Becca Photographs


Thursday, March 3, 2011


My darling friend Sadie and her smiling exercises! 


So, instead of putting away the laundry, I rearranged the living room.  I knew I was in trouble when I found an on line floor plan maker.  I was "just going to give it a try, then put away the laundry and show J and see what he thinks".  HA! 
So I moved all the furniture...I like it WAY better.  He HATES it.  But, I knew he would...he would have hated anything I did 'cause he doesn't like unexpected change.  And this was very unexpected, even for me.  oops.

It's not done  yet...I didn't 'finish' (put the books, and photographs back) in case he was so unhappy he wanted it all back to normal.

I'll get pictures and post them, see what you think.  Because it was SO unexpected...I don't have before pics...

J jokingly said "how do you feel?  Are you pregnant??" 
What do you say mamas?  did you have this INSANE urge to nest?  Or did I just *really* not want to put the laundry away?
It's too early to know for sure...
buh buh buh.