Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays

I am actually all by my lonesome today.  I really don't mind at all though.  My MIL is all alone today, and it was making her sad, so J went up last night to spend the day with her.

Today is going to be spent cleaning and organizing.  And ignoring the fact that it's Christmas.  'Cause I'm a bit of a grump about Christmas.  I do like seeing my extended family (boxing day dinner) and my moms traditional Christmas brunch is not until the 4th.  My dad is in Cuba.  The in-law family diner is this weekend.  J and I didn't even exchange gifts this year.  We will buy a camera with our baby shower and Christmas money.

Hope your celebrations are stress free and wonderful.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

8 months.

I am now at the 8 month mark!  4.5 weeks to go!

No new news from the midwives.  Everything is still just peachy.  Head a little lower in the pelvis.

I woke up yesterday and felt very different!
Major pressure in the pelvic area. 
I'm feeling very very uncomfortable.  It's hard to do anything now.  Get up off the couch, stand and do dishes, make the bed, put on boots, pants and socks.

Jason is now my errand runner since it's so slippy now. 
I'm not leaving the house except for Christmas dinners/brunches and midwife appointments.  Oh, and when Ziggy decides to arrive.  It's been predicted for Feb. 1.  10 days 'late'.  Hope Ziggy's head isn't big!!

I've been meaning to post a photo of the quilt my Aunt Mary made us.  here it is:

Stitching details

34 weeks

8 months - 35 w 4 d

Saturday, December 7, 2013

33 weeks - 7 to go!

Thought it was about time for an update!  (don't want to read my blather?  skip to the end for belly pics!)

Last midwife appointment went really well. 

Ziggy was head down, and heartbeat great.  My blood pressure was fine.  My blood work came back amazing.  Along with iron levels, I was tested for gestational diabetes, as well as platelet levels.  No diabetes and Platelets where up 40 points from first check.

You may not know that I had ITP 20 years ago, and we've been keeping an eye on my platelet count.  Normal count is 100,000+.  I've gone down to less than 25,000 when I was 12/13.  My first count with my midwife was 125,000 (ish), and this last test was 165,000 (ish).  Perfectly acceptable, and a huge sigh of relief. 

The other amazing news is that the new (and first in Ontario) birth centre is open!!  This is a great compromise for Jason and I, as I want a home birth and Jason is against it (please no judging, or suggestions or comments on this)  It was slated to open this October, then it go pushed back to December.  We where crossing our fingers it would be ready for Ziggy!
Things have been very hush hush, so I don't really know anything about it!  I'll update next time.

We have pretty much everything we could need.  A place to sleep, warm clothes, and my boobs!  We also have been very blessed, and also now have a stroller, car seat, swing, baby rocker, mommy rocking chair, baby bath, diapers (cloth), diaper service for about 4 months, swaddlers, receiving blankets, breast pump, bottles, bibs, books, toys, several different carriers...I think we're set.  Are we missing anything???  A lot of it is (wonderfully) second hand.  I am quite please with that.  I really don't care if my stroller doesn't match my swing or baby bath.  Don't worry, the car seat is new!

How am I doing?
I'm feeling nervous!
I am not scared of giving birth.  I think I have a healthy respect for how hard it can be, and that it won't be a walk in the park (although now a days, even that is hard for me!).  I've been reading lots.  And yes I know there is nothing that can really prepare me for what it's going to be like, but I'm keeping an open mind, and learning how to RELAX.  Everything I've been reading talks about how keeping my body relaxed will help with birth.  Have you ever tried to poop while uptight?  Same principle!  (yes, I know it's not that *simple*)

I'm mostly nervous about the forever part!  I know it will be amazing (and not at times).  It dawned on me last Christmas that I am still my parents baby.  They still want to take care of me, they still worry about me.  Oh, right, forever! 
I felt similar trepidation when I was putting our wedding invites in the mail.  FOREVER!?  7+ years later, it's been wonderful (and not at some points).
 Always work, often fun.

Physically I'm doing good.  I am now *DUN DUN DUN*  200Lbs.,  40Lbs up from pre pregnancy weight.  My body image is good though.  200 is just one of those milestone numbers that is scary.  The average wight gain for my size is about 35Lbs, so I'm not worried.  Here is a breakdown of what all that extra weight is:

Here are some averages to give you an idea of how much they weigh:

  • At birth, a baby weighs about 3.3kg (7.3lb).
  • The placenta, which keeps your baby nourished, weighs 0.7kg (1.5lb).
  • The amniotic fluid, which supports and cushions your baby, weighs 0.8kg (1.8lb).
But what about the other two thirds of extra weight? These can be accounted for by the changes that happen to your body while you're pregnant. Again, the figures are averages:
  • The muscle layer of your uterus (womb) grows dramatically and weighs an extra 0.9kg (2lb).
  • Your blood volume increases and weighs an extra 1.2kg (2.6lb).
  • You have extra fluid in your body weighing about 1.2kg (2.6lb).
  • Your breasts weigh an extra 0.4kg (0.9lb).
  • You'll store fat, about 4kg (8.8lb), to give you energy for breastfeeding.
By the end of pregnancy you may weigh about 12.5kg (27.6lb) more than you did before you became pregnant. Remember that this is only an average weight gain."

Isn't that nuts!?  I had no idea that so much of it was other than fat!  

I have a stuffy nose, and standing for more than 20 minutes starts to hurt my feet and back.  I now have trouble with standing from sitting, esp. if I'm on a couch or other comfy seat.  So just hand me a pillow, and let me sit in an upright dining chair.  All in all it's been pretty text book, with no real complications.  *phew*

now for those photos!
7 months

I was on my way to a Burningman party.  I even danced!

32 weeks

32w 3 d.  In my amazing adorable Value Village score.  Perfect for my second baby shower (thanks mom!)