Wednesday, October 27, 2010


here is some back story:
We've been have a tough go of it for the past 6-8 months.  My hubby Jason was diagnosed with a herniated disk and had to stop working and stop school (he's training to be a Nurse).  We had baby making plans, and I was socking away 45% of my pay cheques so we could survive new baby time.  Then *blamo*  Jason couldn't walk a block.  he stopped working and 110% of my pay went to rent, bills and food.  Not knowing WHAT was going on we ditched our baby plans (*sob*  I was really looking forward to starting a family) and concentrated on getting Jason better.  FF to now, October 27 2010.

Jason can now walk more than a block!  He's going back to school, and back to work.  but our savings are dwindleing, and my boss, he lost a contract, so we had no work.  I had started to look for extra work, and got 2 other jobs.  silly me, I should have known better. Boss got the contract BACK along with a new one.  he needs me too.  I now have 3 sparkle-y jobs.  Do you know what else I did?  I went and signed myself up for 2 days at a craft fair.  *headdesk*  so really, I kinda have 4 jobs haha. 
the rundown:
before October:
Rebecca using 110% of pay to survive, Jason hating himself for not being able to walk a block, let alone work.


Rebecca has 3(4) jobs, is for now sill paying the bills, has 6 weeks until craft fair, 8 until Christmas (oh, did I meantion that I'm crazy and have decided to MAKE all my Christmas gifts from now on? oh, and a friends baby shower is coming up...I'm making stuff for her too >.< )
Jason will be starting work in a few weeks, and is back in school Jan.
Baby making plans back on the table.  (note *plans*.  we are not trying right now)

I'm busy.  I hate being busy. 
BUT.  the season is about to end (4 more weeks??), oh, did I tell you waht I do?  I'm a gardener/landscaper.  we do maintenance until the end of November, once the leaves have all fallen really.

so what am I doing blogging you ask?  I worked a 10 hour day!  lol, and I just sewed for 2 hours...have half a diaper bag done.  I LOVE it, and want to keep it for myself.  That's always a good sign.  it makes me feel double good when I give something away that I love.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

it begins

I've been inspired.  By this blogger, mother, crafter, SouleMama.  I have read all her archives, and now I have nothing left to do but read her *new* posts, and well, start my own crafty blog.  Part of what inspired about her blog is how positive she stays.  She's not whining about her everyday life, home, busy with 4 children, she is living joyously.  She shares her joys and lets us in on her life.  I like that.  she keeps her privacy, but inspires all at the same time.  this is my new goal.

Positivity, and inspiration.  I don't aspire to have 4 children, or write 3 books, but to share my daily (weekly?) joys and craft/life successes.  or something...