Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 months!!

wooosh!  How in heavens name did *that* happen?
How has it been a whole 2 months since LeoB arrived?

He is now 14Lbs (or more!) almost doubling his birth weight.
At birth he was 51cm long, and is now 57cm. He is wearing 6 month sleepers and onsies.  The are a tad too big, but most 3 months don't fit anymore.
We are getting regular smiles (see below for photos!!) and he recognizes both Jason and me.  He has conversations with us, and the butterfly mobile above his change table.  He sure likes those butterflies!!  He also enjoys his play mat and swats at the toys hanging there.  I've taken to calling them "those funny guys", and sing songs about the "butterflies and funny guys".
He's started pushing his legs to standing, and has been trying to sit up on his own.  No indications of rolling over yet, but we're being extra cautious now as the Midwife said it will be soon.

We had our last midwife visit.  That makes me sad.  They where all so lovely.  They have a summer picnic, so we'll make sure we're available for that.

LeoB had his first shots on the 20th.  And an oral dose that he threw right back up.  It smelled like orange...I would have puked too if all I'd been exposed to was breast milk.

I'm getting cabin fever.  It's a chore to get us bundled up, so I'm not getting out as much as I'd like.  Soon though!  the 14 day forecast says things are looking up!!  I'm looking forward to being able to just strap LeoB on if he's fussy and get out.

Speaking of fussy, it seems as though he's started teething!  Drooly, cranky, face rubbing, sucking and chewing.  The problem I have at the moment is that #1, he's not on solids, and a lot of the 'remedies' include using frozen food and teething cookies, and #2, he's not grabbing yet, and his hand mouth co-ordination isn't great.  We'll try homeopathic teething remedies, and an amber necklace.  And the good old frozen wash cloth.  He likely won't get teeth soon, but could have the symptoms for months!

nap time.  I love co-sleeping!

this was almost the first smile.  so close!

my snuggly guy

dada can multitask too!

bath time!

that really warm day in mid March

sweet face!

Visit with Oma

favourite sleeping position

smiling and chatting with the butterflies

sitting up

more smiles

after the shots he wouldn't let me put him down, so I stuck him in the Moby wrap

chatting with those funny guys

100 happy days

I have been thinking of when I did my "today I" posts, where I mindfully went though the day and tried to find one thing I noticed with each of my senses.  It didn't have to be prolific, but just me being present in my day.  I'm not feeling sure that I have enough going on in my days for that (and as I type that I think..."um, nice excuse lady")

A friend joined a project called 100 Happy Days.  You post a photo on Facebook of a happy moment in your day, with the hashtag #100happydays (when you click on a hashtag in facebook, or Twitter you get to see all the posts likned to that hashtag.  Neat eh?)

I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon.  These past 2 months have been consumed by LeoB.  Not that that is a bad thing in the slightest, but I'm feeling the need to look outside our bubble of 2 and notice the world again.  With that in mind I added an extra challenge:  to try and find things outside of LeoB's beautiful smile and gorgeous face!  He certainly makes me happy!  But that isnt going to stretch me very far.

So, I'll be keeping a record here.

Here are my last few days:

day 1.  Cuddles in bed

day 2.  I was worried I wasn't going to have a 'happy day'.  But the sun came out and then Jason bought me flowers!
day 3.  Brunch with friends

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am exclusively breastfeeding (or ebf as they say in online forums)
LeoB eats every 1-4 hours.  Usually 2.
People have offered to watch him so J and I can go out.
J wants to go out.

Me?  I don't.
ok.  Not quite true.  I do.  I want to go out with J.  I want to go out with my friends.

But that's not the way it's going to be anytime soon.  At least not without Bunny.
Because, like I said above:  I'm ebf.  And that just means it's not time, yet.

I do have a little hand breast pump.  I have used it.  It's not hard, or unbearably uncomfortable.  LeoB has taken a bottle or 2. 
So why not pump and go out?

I don't feel ok about it.
LeoB is only 7.5 weeks old.
If bottles, pumps and formula had not been invented I would not be able to be away for more than an hour.
I think that is something significant.  My gut tells me not to leave him yet.

I've had my struggles adjusting for sure.  I'm tired, my back hurts, my mind is a little addled.
But I did know I'd be attached to this baby for a while yet.  Because it just makes sense to me.  He needs me
J being such an active parent is amazing.  LeoB and I are truly blessed to have such a great guy in our lives.

I don't know when the right time will be to leave him for more than an hour.  But I will.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

a look back

Way back in early December my friend Paul did a maternity photo shoot with us. 

This isn't really typical FeeGunn style but he loves me so we did a 'vanilla' shoot.  He did a fab job, and I'm really happy we did it!

Paul/FeeGunn is great at events, capturing amazing candid moments.  He's also is getting even more creative and has started setting up styled shoots.  Check out his web site.  Hire him for an event!!

Here are the results of our beaches photo shoot:

Note I used the term 'vanilla'.  We also did a shoot with my clown Fanny Anarchy.  Those are more FeeGunn's style.  I'll share those some time soon...those are a little less 'vanilla'.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

4, 5 and 6 weeks!

The photos have been taken, I just haven't edited them yet!!

What's been going on?

Lionel is 12LBS 4.5 OZ
He's in a crying jag.  Evenings suuuuuuuck right now.  It's that red faced, not breathing cry.  The one that makes me cry.  Supposedly this is normal for 6 weeks.
I don't much care about 'normal', 'cause normal isn't sleep.

Last week(s) J has been working day after day and on the one day off he cleaned the apartment.  That means by the end of that long work period he was exhausted, so I didn't get a break.  *sigh*
I'm not begrudging him not helping as much as he had been (naps and baths and massages!)  He needs to be alert at his job, and down time is important.
I am frustrated because that means I get no down time. 

When LeoB is sleeping he's either sleeping on me and getting up will wake him or in his swing.  If he's in his swing I rush around getting things done before it's time for him to eat.  Again.

Can you tell I'm exhausted? 

I love his little guy a tonne.  I'm glad he's here.  But my arms (and back, and feet...) hurt!

Here are a few snaps for the last few weeks:

Visit with Great Grandma (4.5 weeks)

a photo prompt from my baby group

tummy time

one month in 3 month sleeper!


Pickle and LeoB

with his 'funny guys'

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Husband

I know you are waiting for the week 4 update!  I haven't processed the photos yet!  and now today we're at 5 weeks!

Instead I wanted to sing the praises of J.

I sure 'lucked out' in the daddy department!
I knew that though.  Watching him with Pickle for 10+ years.

He loves being with BunnyLion.  Always talking and singing to him.  Asking to be with him, not just when I need a break and ask.

Because J is part-time and casual we don't generally know when he'll work next.  This week his only day off was Thursday, and he works 5 day in a row after that.  AND Thursday isn't technically a day off as he is scheduled at a massage clinic.  He didn't have any appointments thank goodness.  But you know what he did?  He cleaned the apartment!

We may have problems communicating (sometimes it's like we're speaking a different language!), and sometimes he's a grumpy pants, but he's pretty amazing.

I'm part of an on-line mommy group, and the number of women complaining that their spouses are not stepping up is really sad, but makes me appreciate my guy all the more.

So thanks my love.   you are the best!!