about becca and her blog

I'm Becca.  A born and raised Toronto girl (lady?  woman!!??)  let's say 'gal'.


I'm Becca, a born and raised Toronto gal.

I am married to J.  J is a nurse.  I have a son, BunnyLion (infant), and a stepson Pickle (teen).

I have been to art school.  Visual arts (painting, drawing) was not my bag.
I have 10+ years of cafe work under my belt. I want to open a cafe.
I went to school and became a Horticultural Technician.   That's fancy pants for gardener/landscaper.  I worked with Quercus Gardening services for 4 years.  I am not strong enough to do the stone work (that I love) and there wasn't enough gardening for me to work full time.
I intend to go back to that.  But first I need a drivers licence. 
I am a clown. And I do burlesque.  Sometimes at the same time.
I want to own alpaca. 

This blog is about my life.  Sometimes I get deep.  Sometimes I share recipes.  Sometimes I share what my friends are doing.  Sometimes I share my creativity.

All the time I share me.

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