Tuesday, October 26, 2010

it begins

I've been inspired.  By this blogger, mother, crafter, SouleMama.  I have read all her archives, and now I have nothing left to do but read her *new* posts, and well, start my own crafty blog.  Part of what inspired about her blog is how positive she stays.  She's not whining about her everyday life, home, busy with 4 children, she is living joyously.  She shares her joys and lets us in on her life.  I like that.  she keeps her privacy, but inspires all at the same time.  this is my new goal.

Positivity, and inspiration.  I don't aspire to have 4 children, or write 3 books, but to share my daily (weekly?) joys and craft/life successes.  or something...

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