Friday, May 16, 2014


It's getting harder and harder to post anything of substance.

LeoB has decided to be an attachment child.  Ha ha.  I'm jokingly referring to the style of parenting called Attachment Parenting.  I might be parenting this way by accident.

Mr. pretty much won't let me put him down, or let me sit down for long.  I'm not actually following a style of parenting, but following my gut, and my gut tells me not to let him get too upset at this stage in his life.

I mean, I let him fuss for a bit on his own, you know, while I eat, or pee.  Sometimes he starts to amuse himself.  Once he starts actually getting upset I pick him up and cuddle him.  We don't allow 'cry it out' (yet??). 

So yea.  I'm a little busy and beat.

it's taken me like, 24 hours to write this post!

tata for now!

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