Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack

I have my laptop back, or, I should say, I now have power!

I'm not going to go back over the past few weeks and try to catch up.  too overwhelming.
I've had my laptop going for a few days now.  But I've been manically creating art!  I started the Vivienne McMaster workshop Swan Dive.  I've been loving it.  The first week was working with tone and colour.  We where encouraged to make a right out mess.  Play with Picnik until the image was unrecognizable.  This one was my favourite mess.  (it's on the desktop, and flickr won't let me download my image!)
next was layering textures.    I think I went a little off the beaten path with mine, but I LOVE them.  here are my favourites:

I've been feeling rather well for the past few days, in mind body and spirit.  I'm attesting some of it to this creating I'm doing. 

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