Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I didn't log on with anything specific to say.
I'm home sick and the sun is shining on me as I drink chai and smell the chicken stock cook.
Not much to say other than, other than having a mild cold/flu, I have been feeling pretty good.
I've been struggling with motivation, and was beginning to wonder if I was (clinically) depressed.
I've been working a lot on accepting now, and have been practising Tonglen.  On myself and Others.  Breathing in perceived negatives (feeling crabby, anxiety, suffering) and breathing out the opposite, or a general sense of well being.  I guess that goes along with 'leaning into', mindfulness and acceptance I've been talking about/working on.
I keep reminding myself that I can do the same with my good feelings.  well, not the same, but I can breath in my good, and breath it out to the world.

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