Saturday, December 17, 2011

OMG! only a week left! or, how I get though.

My getting though the holidays is different than yours, that is different from theirs.  My troubles come from not having organised enough time for making.

I have a rule.  no making in the afternoon of Christmas Eve., or the afternoon before what ever day I need gifts by.  This year I have a little extra grace period because My sister and her girlfriend are in Mexico over Christmas, so neither my mom or dad are celebrating with out them.  that really only gives me like 2 extra days though HA.

Anyway.  No more making at one am, Christmas day.  I try and stagger my making so everyone has at the very least one thing made for them.

Also, Rescue Remedy.  it works, use it.

My friend Lannis also wrote a blog post about holiday stress over on The Mrs. page.  Go check it out for her tip. 

And Soule Mama also talks about her lists and things to make, on similar lines to my giftmas philosophy.

My friend Khat made the decision 12 years ago so not 'do' Christmas any more.  She buys one present for her children.  She has made traditions with them.  They bake, and they celebrate the solstice, and they fill their house with friends.  Who can get stressed over *that!*?

I'm off to St Lawrence Market to go by the one. last. thing. I am getting for making.  Some beeswax for candles.  Then on to more making.  I have *one* gift done, one out of...many.

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