Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So.  this is a bit of a TMI post...if you don't want to hear about sore breasts and the like, then don't bother continuing.

I'm going to say this 'out loud',  because as you know...I can't keep things quiet.  I seem to need to talk things out, and you dear reader(s?) don't talk back, or at least, not while I'm mid sentence.  And if it doesn't turn out to be true, I'll know pretty quick!

I'm seriously thinking I'm pregnant.    These past few months, every time I've said it, I get my period, so that's why I'm saying it...

But here is why, this month, I think I am.

I didn't spot this month.  I always do.  Very light, and un-worriesome, but always.
I have a lot fewer zits.  I always break out right before my period.  Not this month.
My breasts are SO sore.  I'm not even *doing* anything (ie, yoga, lying on my stomach, hugging someone) and they HURT.  I think they're kinda bigger too... now, I often get sore breasts, but usually during ovulation.
My lower back hurts.  I have been going to the Y and doing yoga/swimming/tai chi/rowing, so the extra exercise might be part of it, but it is listed as an early symptom.
I'm nauseous.  I'm not throwing up, not close...but there is a mild, more in the morning, queezyness.  I was attributing this to my chrismasitis and anxiety... 
I'm SO tired.  
Moo-dy.  I'm surprising even myself!  I cry over the smallest things, and I'm cranky and irritable.  If I am pregnant, it's a wonder Jason doesn't leave!  Poor partners.  or, it could just be PMS...

I'm finding it very frustrating that pregnancy and PMS symptoms are very similar!

I'm only3 or 4 days late...and, like, 4/5ths of those could be PMS too.  I'm feeling oddly crampy, but that might be too much cheese!  It's just wishful thinking I'm sure.  I just wish my breasts would stop hurting.

*edit*  certain food smells are making me feel quite ill too *groan*

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