Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a kitchen sink post

1.  It's been 2 weeks eating (mosly) paleo.  I've had a few cheats, but I've done really really well I think.
Some things I've noticed so far:  I have not crashed!  As in, when I get hungry, I feel hungry, my tummy rumbles some, but I don't feel faint or shaky.  I don't have to EAT RIGHT NOW.  I know this because I was involved in the Toronto Festival of Clowns this weekend and didn't eat regularly.  (more on that in a moment!)  I have to be more organised with food, but that is coming along.  There is *nothing* in a corner store that I can eat.  No, wait, nuts.  I can buy nuts or sunflower seeds.  I haven't gone to a restaurant yet, so I don't know what that will be like.  I'm sure it will be along the lines of  "Can I get extra salad/veggies in place of the potatoes?"
I *think* my moods have been more stable, but this weekend was a crappy sleeping weekend, late nights, not being able to sleep in, so I'm a wee bit grumpy.  I also just got my period, so there was some pms, *but* looking back to the last week, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, and I didn't get cramps.  Day one is *always* crampy.  AND there was very little food cravings, and when I have eaten chocolate, it was just kinda ok.  My stomach pain was worse than ever, but it seems to have calmed down some.  I'm giving myself a month to see how things progress.  Or, let's say, to the end of June. 

2.  CLOWNS!  I just spent the weekend with a bunch of clowns and it was rad.  It's fun to dance (to a DJ) with fellow clowns (in or out of nose) because they have NO inhibitions!  SO FUN.  It was nice to see a few people who I met last year, and just to be in the same place more with friends.  I was up late and slept little, but it was worth it.

3. There is someone I don't like.  This is an awkward thing to write on a public blog, because although you may speak to friends 'in private', you don't announce to a whole room that "HEY!  there is someone I don't like...and well, since I'm announcing it to *everyone* I won't tell you who it is!".  Regardless, I'm going to continue on and assure you it's is not you (I think...).  I find not liking this person (X) frustrating, not just because they annoy the heck out of me, but because in general they are a caring, nice, generous person.  I want to yell "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" when X talks.  So it's all me.  So what the HELL can I do about it?  I don't know, because X is part of the community, and as much as I try to distance myself from them, X seems to *always* be there.  I feel sad for myself.  I know that I'm not going to like everyone I come in contact with, but the absolute RAGE I feel when X is around astounds me.

4.  J got a job!  yay!  he started today with an orientation.  I've been working 2 jobs, and am in a bit of a conundrum as to whether I will keep them both.  I don't really want to.  I'm feeling pretty drained, but we still need to bring our savings back.  I figure I'll stay with the gardening until the end of the season (Oct.) and pack away the $.

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