Thursday, December 13, 2012

I figured it out! and a giftmas rant

I had been wanting to keeps a regular schedule here.  I figured out why I haven't been.
We're sharing this computer, and not just as a computer, but as our tv too.  So when J is home (or awake), I don't like to sit here and type away.

I'll keep at it, and post when I can.

I don't have a planned menu, and I didn't troll the internet much this week.

I Am working on Christmas presents. 

Last night I made home made Lip blam.  I'll post a tutorial soon!

I'm making pajamas, out of sheets!

I'm making packs of 3 greeting cards for my extended family.

Coasters.  and I potted some plants.

We're not buying anything this year.  I *had* vowed not to buy any materials either, but that didn't happen.  I have spent (much) less than $100 though.

My Assistant Store Manager's family has a rule for Christmas presents.  No cash, gift cards or anything homemade.  I kinda get the cash thing.  But eventually you run out of *stuff* to buy, and everyone end up with junk they don't need.  MIL is like that.  I get a big gift bag of stuff.  99% of it I don't need, or even want.

I totally understand the want to give.  That is why I make things.  I can't afford to buy.  And I *would* if I had the money.  I'd be going to local stores, and local craft shows, and buying things that are fun, and that I know people will like.  My favorite story to tell about last years haul, was my 9 bars of soap.  And the fact that that's all I remember about makes me sad.

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  1. No homemade stuff? How bizarre. I would *love* a painting from my sister, or a mixed CD from my brother!

    I've cleverly outdone my father's wife this year. We're heading up this weekend! She won't be ready! MUHAHAHAHA! Because she's a perpetual Dec 23rd shopper and has the mandate to fill the underside of the tree with wrapped things... it's always so wasteful. Tasteless. Thoughtless. This way we get quality time without the hullabaloo. :)

    Anyhoo, you're awesome. Love you! :)