Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm still here!


I don't know if it's a change of seasons, or my body's response to stress ("so much going on!  just sleeeeeeep", or maybe I'm pregnant.  regardless. 


Working 5 Crappy Frappy Hours doesn't help.
In case you are not a Starbucks patron, between 3 and 5pm, from May 3 - May 12 all frappuccinos are half off (OMG, this is not an advertisement!  PLEASE for the love of god, for the love of your favourite barista (me!?) and for the love of you health, don't go!!!)

I asked J to guess how many we make in the 2 hours.  He guessed 60. 

Now you go, what is your guess?

Our biggest number of Frappuccinos in 2 hours:
250.  Yes, that's one frapp every 30 seconds.  With a SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

There are 2 people making these drinks.  2 people on till and one person 'running' for the baristas.  Refilling everything (I refilled 6-10 4 L bags of milk.)

It is exhausting.  And being the runner is the crazy easy job (if you are good at it like I am *wink wink*)

Hutch will have done 8 days in a row tomorrow.  I will have done 5.  It's a living hell.  2 partners in our district *quit*.

ANYWAY.  lol.  Pardon my rant. 

I'm trying to continue to eat healthy, but it's so very hard being so exhausted (are you tired of that word yet??) 

I found a juicer for $8 at Value Village!!  so for the past 5 days I've been making the most delicious drink.

I juice one beet, one carrot, one apple, 1/4 of a cuccumber, and a good hunk of ginger.  *then* because my juicer is a cheap version and doesn't juice leafy greens, I put a large handful of spinach in the blender, along with frozen blueberries, blackberries and cherries and blend with the juice. 

it is just.  wow.  Even J, the beet hater likes it!

the down side is my pee is this ridiculous colour.  The beets, and my prenatal vitamins make for this really dark orange pee.  I was starting to get really worried, then I realized it was the beets!!

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