Thursday, May 16, 2013


I took on being the grounds keeper for my dad and step-moms church.  Extra baby funds for when that happens.

They have a pretty big lawn.  And it is a maniac.  I took too long to mow it the first was over a foot long in some spots.  In my defence, a week before, it had hardly started growing.

So I spent 7 hours.  YES.  7 hours (split by 3 days) cutting that damn lawn, literally inch by inch because the mower isn't powerful enough to take more than that when the grass is 6-13 inched long. 

I didn't learn my lesson the first time.  I got an e-mail from my step mom a week after I finished cutting (it was frappy week.  Ain't  nobody got time for that shit) asking when I was going to cut the lawn again.

I *had* planned on cutting it on Sunday.  Then it HAILED!  so a week and a half after I finished, (so like, 2 weeks after I started) it's back to being a foot high.  The mower is battery operated, so with how long it is, I can only cut for about an hour and a half each time! 

It will calm down some soon (omg I hope) so I can actually do some other gardening.  Like making it look pretty!

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