Wednesday, August 28, 2013

whooooaaaa we're half way the-re!

You are singing the rest right?

just a quick post to share the new images of Ziggy.

19w. 5d.  They call 20 weeks half way.  This dating thing is weird.  I thought 38 weeks was full term.  what ever!  We're halfway there!

The dark bits in his/her chest is the heart.

Both Jason and I thought we saw scrotum and penis.  but we're still keeping it a birth surprise, so the technician didn't linger, and didn't tell us.

I'm feeling HAPPY.  I haven't felt happy in a really long time.  I had moments of joy, and pleasure.  My daily feeling was 'grump'.  This past week or so I've woken up feeling GOOD. 

OMG!  I'm having a baby!!

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