Sunday, January 12, 2014

38w 3d

No news is good news.
We're playing the waiting game here.
Waiting for the birth centre to open so I can give my body permission to go into labour (while at the same time, keeping open, knowing I'm not *really* in charge)
And just waiting for Ziggy to arrive!

Waiting and not knowing when is my worst feeling to feel.  I really like knowing.

So I'm just consciously enjoying all my lazy time.  I've been watching Parenthood, and on the 3rd season.  I'm knitting Ziggy a little blanket.  I putter around the house, doing the dishes in small batches, 'cause my sciatica has gotten pretty bad now.  Just a small grump as I've had a really great pregnancy.  Getting my weekly laundry doing exercise.  2 floors is a good hike for me now!

I had an unexpected ultrasound Wednesday.  My belly measured small, and although its common for each care giver to measure slightly different, and for each patient to be different, and for it being close to the end and Ziggy's head is partly in my pelvis, I hadn't grown in the week, and I've been measuring and inch small I was sent to get checked out, just in case.  More no news is good news as no one has contacted me yet, and the tech promised to send the info asap.
Jason was a small baby, and although both Sister S, Sister J and I where bigger, and so was Pickle, we *do* have smaller people on both sides of the family. 
And I've been whispering to Ziggy not to get too big since Pickle was over 10 Lbs.
I got to see Ziggy again on the screen, so that was fun.  Zig blew me a kiss (lips where pursing) and nose was squished against my uterus.  Heartbeat was good, and lots of moving.  As far as I could figure out, head is 9.5 cm diameter.  I have NO idea if that's normal or not lol.

I've been feeling the signs of early/pre labour.  Minor period like cramps, sore back and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions that don't hurt.

My belly dropped some yesterday too.

I went out 'one last time' Friday night.  I'm going to miss my friends a lot.  Our group isn't so much one on one as going to events, so I feel like I'm about to get real lonely.  (so friends, if you are reading this, come visit!!)




38w 2d.  Can you see that my belly is lower?

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