Thursday, January 23, 2014

today is the estimated due date!

I hadn't posted that IT'S MY DUE DATE TODAY! you know why? 'cause it doesn't mean a single thing. ha ha. It's been changed like 3 times. The first day of my last menstrual cycle was April 14. Took a test May 14, and it was positive.

Officially I have to go into spontaneous labour in the next 2 weeks or I will be induced. It's the law that my midwives have to send me to an obstetrician after 42 weeks.  Then it's pretty much guaranteed that the OB will say "INDUCE!".  I'm not keen on induction.  The possibility of cesarean section go up with induction.  But, I figure I've been having early labour for a while now (on and off for 2 weeks).  Even if I don't go into 'real' labour on my own by 42 weeks, my body was doing something (I hope!).  My concern with induction is when ones body hasn't started anything.  There are OBs who have offered chemical induction to women in my baby group at 38 weeks, with no medical reason.  Are they going on holiday or something?  They all reported that labour was really slow, and really painful.
Ahem, not that I think spontaneous labour won't be!

I'm keeping open to whatever happens.  Yes, with emphasis on the birth centre being first hope, but knowing regardless, even if it where open, anything can happen.

Speaking of the Birth Centre!  I was interviewed by CityNews:
If you are the paying/blessing type, I'm asking for the blessing of an uncomplicated, easy, graceful labour. Steady minds and good health for my support team. But above all, a healthy baby and mommy no matter what form birth happens.

I am feeling really blessed with how uncomplicated this pregnancy has been. No matter my complaints of sore back, and boot getting on difficulty, it's been a *really* good pregnancy. I've been blissing out on alone time, by myself, or with J.  We like to spend our mornings chatting in bed.  I like to have an uninterrupted bath.  And sometimes I just lay in bed, playing solitaire on my phone!

I'm not feeling scared about labour. I am accepting the unknown.  I've read lots, and know that it doesn't have to be scary. I think I have a certain respect to the process, and I trust my team, and my self.

I don't like the anticipation of waiting with no known end date though.
AHHHHH! I'm going to be someones MOM soon!

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