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update!! um, this is long.

It's been so long for an update I didn't think I could remember any thing!  So I went to Facebook, and my status' from the last months.  Copy and pasted a few, and wrote down the interesting stuff that's been going on with LeoB.

I'll try to make it flow!

End of April:
I thought Bunny was teething.  He was a little grumpy, and was cluster feeding.  No tooth yet though!
I commented on his giggles.  They where a bit coming, but worth the wait!

A status update from the end of April, just over 3 months post partum:

" Seems as though I am suffering with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction [pain in the pelvis, where the ligaments hold it together, usually associated during pregnancy]. Postpartum!! I had no pubic/pelvic pain during my pregnancy, just my luck to develop it now (well, weeks ago) that I have an 18Lb baby (causation or correlation??) Anyone have a good solution? Looking at Dr. Internet for exercises. Dr. Internet says physio, but we really can't afford to see anyone. It really only hurts at night, and (strangely enough?) my pubic area hurts more when I nurse (is my uterus still contracting? :. pulling ligaments and such!?) le sigh."

It still hurts a tiny bit if I move a certain way, but doing yoga seems to have helped.

Early May:

Lionel has a clock in his tummy. Every 2 hours on the dot. There is no distracting him, or putting it off. Only occasionally will he sleep though a feeding time!  Back at 3 months, and still now at 5.  He does stretch it out sometimes...and sometimes it's sooner.

I tried back wearing in mei tai.  Found out after he was still too young.  I did get dishes done, and I made a cake!!

Bunny also moved up diaper size!  Not a big thing with disposables, but the service we use has infant and toddler.  At just over 3 months Bunny was in toddler diapers!  Granted, they start at 18Lbs.  He also moved to 6 month clothes.

There are no words that can describe hoe happy I was when spring finally arrived!!

look!  things are finally growing!!  late April

Jason planned on making flying fish for our moms and me for mothers day, but he had to work, so I went to kensington market for him.  I breastfed outside for the first time in a park!

milky face!

mothers day flowers from my MIL and Jason

I got what I wanted for mother's day. A long bath!!

Mid May:
Bunny fell asleep in the swing. It had been weeks since he'd fallen asleep on his own.  I think that was the last time he fell asleep in the swing.
And now he never falls asleep on his own.  And that's fine, and normal, and not a sleep problem.

Another status update quote:
"holy crap spring! Sparrow in the magnolia tree, violets!, daffodils, tulips, grass!"

Remember.  That was mid May! A very very slow start!!

This was so good!

I had a weird mommy moment:
"Bunny was whining, and standing up (heavily supported by me). For some reason at that moment I found it (cruelly?) hilarious, and started laughing, manically. Right out loud, laugh till you cry, laughing. This first startled him, then he smiled and "heh'd" with me, then, of course, I couldn't stop and he looked rather concerned. I need a break. Being on 24/7 is tiring, and apparently crazy making."
J is a big help, but being a mom is so different!  It's draining.  It's why all I wanted for mothers day was a looooong bath.

I went to the International Circus Festival on May 18th.  Mostly 'cause I was feeling stir crazy!  It was nice to see friends.  (I had come to the conclusion that no one was going to visit me)

I nursed on the subway! Bunny was his typical serious dude with all the new people. Allowed me to put him back in the stroller both times with no fuss.  He had started to hate being put in the stroller! A wee melt down on the bus home (every time we stopped moving) The bus was a little busy with different wheeled items, so I had to put the stroller in front of a woman. I smiled at her and told her to make sure she tells me before she needed to get off. She said, very seriously "Oh, I will.". When Bunny started to cry I had to lean over her a little bit (not even touching...) then she said "excuse me" so I moved the stroller away, and she takes off her shoe, and puts powder in it.  I could no believe it.  My poor crying Bunny and she decided to powder her shoe!!  
I really dislike bringing the stroller on the TTC (transit), so I was so excited to buy my first woven wrap!  I had been using a stretchy wrap, but Bunny was getting to heavy for it.  He was starting to sag.  No good!

So nice!!  So supportive and soft.  My first time, and the top is a little loose.

I've since bought another!  I could go on and on about woven wraps, but I'll save it for another post!

Since spring arrived I've become a 'beaches mom'. (a mom who goes to coffee shops daily, and is ridiculed behind her back by the staff for being spoiled) I understand now. get. out. of. the. house. But one needs a destination.  I go to Savoury Grounds Coffee Co. for my daily almond chai fix. Such spicy goodness!!

I was a little cheesed on May 2-4 weekend.  New mothers everywhere (uh, in Canada) cursing Victoria and the fire crackers.

And it's official. If it wasn't clear before, it sure is right now. One day I came to the conclusion:  I was wearing my baby, in berkinstocks, eating homemade granola with goat yogourt, no deodorant on. I'm a dirty hippy.

May 25 4 months!

We borrowed a jolly jumper from the MacDonald family.  Bunny loved it from the start!

I went to the wilds of Etobicoke to meet a bunch of moms, it was a long trip, and I breastfed on the subway. 2ce. I got one or two (shy) smiles both times, and on my way there an older woman (late 60s/early 70's) said to me "your baby is just so lucky. He's just getting so much love" I almost cried. So please, if you happen to notice someone breastfeeding in public, give them an encouraging smile, 'cause she is probably a little on edge, waiting for the snide. Saying something is even better, because other people hear it, and it makes it even more normal.

January babies.  Lionel is between twins on the right...he's big, but looks even bigger next to them!

 My friend Sadie put on a movement workshop that I wanted to attend, so I asked if I could wear Bunny.  She said yes, so I wrapped him up and we danced away!  I wore him for almost 2 hours at the workshop, as well as on transit!  I love baby wearing!!

I've been gardening once a week, and leaving Bunny with Dada or Sister S.  One day poor Bunny had a melt down while I was out gardening. Poor Dada doesn't have boobs to sooth. That was the longest half hour getting home ever. He cried himself to sleep, and now got a hoarse voice.He had taken a bottle from Sister S the week before, and hasn't since!  I'd like to try cup feeding.  We'll be starting solids soon too.  Maybe Breast milk from a cup and some sweet potato would do the trick!

We had a good 4 moth well baby Dr. visit. Maybe my doctor is bi polar or something, 'cause she was a different Dr. today! thrilled that I am still exclusively breast feeding, and that Bunny is 20 Lbs 4 oz. 25.5 inches long. she told me to ignore the percentiles! To keep doing what I was doing. *phew*


I wore bunny in my wrap for 8 hours with a short break from Ms. Belton. I was stiff, but way less sore than I expected!!  I am love love loving my woven wrap!
Mid June
Bunny is in 9+mo clothes at almost 5 months!  It's hard not to worry he's too big, but he's not fat.  His chubby like a baby should be, and looooong.  He'll be tall like J, Pickle and most of the rest of my family.

We went up to Tottenham the weekend of J's birthday to celebrate with Grandpa W.  A lot of J's family where there for the weekend too.  I had been feeling anxious about going for a whole weekend.  They like to party, and this was for a big party for Grandpa W and his father in law.  Bunny and I came 'home' early from the party.  Everyone else got back at 4 am.  I awoke at 6 am in between two farty boys, in a house full of sleeping people. for breakfast I ate 85% chocolate and gluten free pretzels and watched Orphan Black. I couldn't really get up as people where sleeping everywhere. So, Bunny and I made the 20 minute walk to Tim Horton's for something to do once he woke up.  In a small town everyone drives, so people where thoroughly shoked that I walked 'all that way'.
We survived that weekend very very well! Bunny was agreeable, family was great. My tummy on the other hand...too much junk.

Bunny started stretching out time between a few of his feedings.  He's generally hungry after about 2 hours.  Like clockwork most days!

We went to our midwife clinic picnic.  It was a little odd, 'cause naturally we only knew our midwives!  We put Bunny in his sash and moccasins.  The midwife clinic is an aboriginal centred clinic, so we thought that Bunny should represent his Metis heritage.

Lionel was sitting up by himself some.  Pretty woobly, very cute.

While attempting to nurse Bunny to sleep after a skipped nap I finally gave up on him sleeping. I got up and he gave me this smile, as if to say "heh. I got boobie and I didn't sleep. I win." Then he proceeded to throwup EVERYTHING. Then gave me the same grin. I tell you, they are cute for a reason.

A note to my dear boy:
dear Bunny. 6 am is not the appropriate time to wake up when you went to sleep at 10. 'They' tell me babies your age sleep 10-12 hours at night with 2-3 wake ups. Not 8 hours on the nose with wake ups every 2 hours...on the nose. Please follow the rules. love your *yawn* mother.

Really, he generally goes to bed around 7pm and wakes up at 5am.  Yes, that means I go to bed by 9!!
We've been co-sleeping from the start, and it's been pretty good.  I think I get more sleep that I would if he where in his own bed since I don't have to get up when Bunny wants to eat.  We're pretty happy, esp. in our king sized bed!

I used to to wrap Bunny to a chair at a friends so I could eat with both hands! I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this, but YAY!

July 7
my 5 month old is in 12 month clothes...

The other day I called his name, and he spun around (in his exersacuer) with a huge grin on his face.
He is so so so close to sitting on his own.  He still falls backwards some!

We went to the grocery store and he sat in the cart!!

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