Sunday, August 3, 2014

milestone week!!

We've had a jam packed week!

Lionel turned 6 months, and all of a sudden he:  can sit up on his own, roll over (front to back) and  has a tooth!!

isn't he lovely!!

Teething hasn't been too bad.  We have an amber teething necklace that he's had on since 2 months.  We use Hylands teething gel, and Boiorn homeopathic Camilla when he gets fussy.  We've had some wakeful nights.  But all in all Bunny is a pretty happy dude!!

We tried him on solid food on my birthday, and since, but his gag reflex is very ... good?  He gags so hard he throws up, so we're holding off for now. I bought some rice cereal, fortified with iron (and other stuff) that I'll mix with breast milk.  At 6 months babies iron stores start to get used up, so we need to get some from the outside.  I'm not concerned yet, but he does need to learn how to eat eventually.  Rice is supposed to be the easiest to digest.
I had grand plans of not feeding cereal, and doing 'baby lead weaning/feeding'.  Basically you allow your baby to feed themselves, super soft foods first.  This allows them to go at their own pace, touch and enjoy on their own.  We'll get there.



feeling in Bunny's mouth it feels like tooth #2 is well on it's way.  Today Lionel is being clingy, and is wanting to nurse and rest with me.

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