Thursday, June 16, 2011

fickle? ME?

so this everyday thing doesn't seem to work for me.  or at least 25 things isn't working.  Maybe I'll just do a post of some things I noticed and liked...

Today I saw:

peonies in bloom that smelled SO good
a baby
smiles from a client
a hula hoop at a site (that I think think think was made my Sadie, so *that* made me think of *her*)
writing on a page that made a letter to Grandma and Grandpa


  1. I looooove the 'today I saw' series. Its so different from twenty five things to be thankful for. Its more humane. Its more compassionate. Today I saw your today I saw. I read them all. Today I saw that seeing is more open, more compassionate, more non-judgmental than thanking. My car licence plate is "THANK". I love it. Lots of people love it. I now wish it was "I see". Thank you for discovering and continuing the 'Today I saw' series. Its gorgeous. Its poetry. Its so special. Its an advance, a discovery. Arno

  2. thanks Arno. 25 thanks was important to get me here...this is less painful!