Sunday, June 12, 2011

lets try this again shall we?

A wile back I decided to, on inspiration from a friend, give 25 thanks a day, for 40 days, equalling 1000 thanks.  I got over halfway there...staggeringly so.  I felt busy and tired, so I stopped blogging.

I want to try again.  It was a good exercise in being mindful during the day, and remembering the good.

I'm going to start from the beginning again.  Here are my 25 thanks from yesterday:

-sleeping in
-still feeling the happy from the night before
-Mcdonald's breakfast
-nice Saturday morning
-The Danforth
-Withrow park
-the site of the farmers market
-friendly booth operators
-new garlic
-helping friends lift
-spending time with A+D, and meeting Death (a girl called Death...not actual death thank goodness!)
-Comfortable With Uncertainty
-bought granola bars
-making beef jerky
-finding J on the subway!  I was on my way home from NAAD's, went to the spot where my exit is, and who so I see, nose in book when I got on, but J, on his way home from work!  best surprise!
-Amazing stir fried mild curry noodles
-being out with J
-finding a dress for the weddings this year
-finding toothpaste at Shoppers at almost half the price at The Big Carrot!
-Vin Diesel
-Harry Potter
-a Walk

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