Tuesday, June 14, 2011


OK!  aye carumba

I missed yesterday too.  now on to today.

-Another gorgeous day out
-the back handed complement (I'll take what I can get I suppose)
-a calm husband
-home made beef jerky
-feeling good after acupuncture
-grey squirrel and black squirrel
-squirrel wire shadows
-Last nights rainbow!
-The golden sunset that made the trees SHINE
-coconut ice 'cream'
-not having anxiety
-seeing my mom
-cooking from a recipe
-the breeze
-realizing I can go see my friends (from Well Rounded Hoops aka Hoop Totonto) at Young and Eglinton Square tomorrow between 11-2 to raise money for Breakfast for Learning 
-being off tomorrow to re-charge and spend time with J, Family and friends
-going to see a movie

wow...I'm out of practice...even with some things from yesterday I can't think of 235 things! 

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