Friday, September 28, 2012

a week of nothing at all

I try not to complain. 

So I'll whine instead!

Sunday night, while visiting my Grandparents I was getting sore throat and coughy

Let me add some good stuff to break up the whine.  Some photo creations from a while back with Grandma and Grandpa:

Then Monday I went to work miserable and got sent home early.  The good thing was that I actually went in because one of our staff called in sick with pneumonia!

I ended up calling in sick for Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was SO sick.  Body ache, sinus pressure, snot, cough.  Pain.  None of my normal remedies seemed to work.  At one point J gave me a T2 with codeine, and that worked...and then it wore off.  What a sad realization!

I went to the clinic to get a doctors note, and my own doc. was available.  She was able to be a little more 'thorough' than the walk in would be.  She thought I had a sinus infection (I do not) so gave me anti-biotics. I decided not to take them, but later that night J, the nurse, said he didn't like the way my cough was sounding and said I should take them.   So I begrudgingly did.  *harrumph*  turns out, it was a good thing I got the 'script.  I coughed up...well, never mind.  The infection seemed to have taken up residence in my bronchial tubes instead.  And with the scare of my co-worker and her being sick for 3+ weeks and developing pneumonia (and this year my friend Beat was hospitalized with it, and other complications) I don't want a bacterial infection getting out of control!  Even after only one dose my energy is back up some.  Now that my body doesn't have to fight so hard.

So not only did I miss 2 full days at the coffee shop, I came to the realization that there was no way I could physically do the garden maintenance.  *sigh* 

and I've booked off 5 days for thanksgiving!  I do have vacation hours that I can bank, thank goodness.

The lesson.  Be aggressive, be-e aggressive.  And demand one day off a week.  No wonder I got sick, from migraine to this.  No days off.

I'm not wicked!  WHAAAAAAAAAAA.

(and don't worry, I'm taking pro-biotics between doses and will double up once the bottle is empty)

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