Sunday, November 4, 2012

day off, sad news

I have a day off, one that J is working, so I get the computer all to myself.  There are a few things I've been thinking about.  I'll write a few posts and stick a couple in the draft folder for later 'k?

My Stepmom's mom passed away last Tuesday morning.  We called her Grandma Sherman, aka Nana by her bio grandchildren.

I hadn't seen her much over the past few years.  When I was a teenager we would be at 'the Sherman's' for lunch after church, and spen Christmas eve with them, playing 'the present game'*.
Grandma Sherman was a tiny lady with a huge heart.  She always greeted us (me and Sister) warmly and quietly.  I always felt part of the family.  Even when I dressed rather crazy, this conservative Nana never batted an eye.  One of my favorite rememberings is that she always gave Sister and I 'man' glasses of milk.  The Sherman girls (her daughters and granddaughters) where either young or petite and didn't eat as much as the big amazonian girls we where (Sister and I, at that point, where about 5'9", Sister might have been taller than me by then) When setting the table there was a distinction about where one sat because there where large 'man' glasses, and small 'lady' glasses.  We must have asked for more milk a lot (milk was the preferred lunch beverage) because eventually we got 'man' glasses!

She was always busy, helping her family and Church.

When Grandpa Sherman passed away Nana included us in giving one of his paintings.  All the grandchildren got one you see.

Rest In Peace Nana.  Thank you for bringing us into the fold.  I love you for it.

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