Saturday, November 10, 2012

the gay thing


I have a rant.

WHY THE BLOOMING ROSES does it matter if someone is gay?

(one could sub in different colour skin, religion, lipstick choice, but today it's gay)

One of my co-workers DC* is 23 and lives with his boyfriend, and is in the closet to his family.
Sister was worried about telling me and sent me an e-mail.  (still cheesed about that Sister!)

I guess it's a testament to my Mom, and the way she raised us that I don't give a rats ass if you are gay, or bi, or hetro or trans or girly or vanilla or kinky or a 'breeder' or not a 'breeder'.  I like to know about you, but if you left our conversation at your new shoes and the fab dinner you had last night FINE. 

I'm torn on the idea about celebrities outing themselves.  Yes, it's still crazy tough times for kids who are gay.  yes, roll models are super.  But why not just live your or not...why 'announce' it.

This is *very* aside from groups of like minded individuals collecting together.  I'm not saying don't associate with people who have similar life views/styles as you.  I am in a community of circus performers and Burningman enthusiasts.  There is a pride parade.  I got to clown jams.  I'm proud to be who I am, as should anyone.  But no one *needs* to know, nor should they care, that I am a clown.

All *I* care about is that you are happy in your life. 
I am SO pleased and grateful that Sister found the love of her life.  I don't give a hoot if she found it in a boy or a girl.

I don't expect answers.
I don't want answers.
I just wanted to rant a little.  and maybe you don't like me anymore because of it.

Fear of the unknown.  "aarrgg!  what is it!?  KILL IT!" 

* not real's his work rap name, Dirty Chai...I'm M-Drizz, we've got Big Tazo, C-Salt, Solo Lo, Cool Lime, Lady Hibiscus, Hazelnut Sass...

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