Monday, November 11, 2013

Lumpy, Bumpy and Grumpy

It's what I've been calling Ziggy, Me and J as of late.

J isn't much of a morning person before his coffee. 

I'm now 29w 4d.  Just over 6 and a half months.  10w and 3d til I am due.

26ish weeks

27 weeks

Nov. 2, Haloween party.  The cat who swallowed the canary. (27w 2d)

this morning 29w 4d.  I told J not to get my head!
I can't imagine how I can possibly get bigger!

Things are fairly text book.
I've started pregnancy insomnia and joint inflammation.  At night my joints ache, including my knuckles!  I've started drinking tart cherry juice.  It has properties that reduce inflammation, as well as increasing melatonin.  It's been 3 days.  Last night I had a very good sleep, except for the fact my belly was sore from a growth spurt!  Do you remember growing pains in your legs?  I got them in my belly last night!  We'll see if the good sleep continues or we'll have to start calling me Grumpy Bumpy.

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