Thursday, November 14, 2013

house wife

I have never been a good hausfrau.  But I'm learning now!

I actually feel very accomplished because I'm doing the dishes every day.  Maybe it's because the rest of the house is in shambles that it doesn't matter.
and I do laundry.  But it never *all* gets put away.

I am however amazed at how quick a daily kitchen clean up can be.  Maybe 20 minutes.

I have a goal of picking up each evening.  Hasn't happened yet.  I keep forgetting.

Jason and I figure there is no point going back to work before Ziggy is in school full time.  Child care is too expensive.  I'm going to try to continue gardening at the church like I did this year.  There is a big lawn, and a few beds.  20 hours a month is the average I did this season.  I should be able to work around J's work schedule, or just wear Ziggy on my back while I weed.

I never really wanted to go back to work right away.  Now I have some time to think about what I want to do once I get to Peterborough in a few years.

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