Saturday, September 6, 2014

7 months!

Time seems to be going much faster!!

Bunny had his 6 month checkup.  He was 26.5 Lbs!  and 28 inches.
 Dr. thinks he has a bit of a tongue tie.  That's why he's a gag machine. 

He's happy eating.  We're just at super soft stuff.  He likes to suck on peaches and plums.  He will dive right on them!!
I'm loving giving him in season fruits!  here are a few peach faces!

Dressed like me in the 90's

We went to the beach.  It was nice, but I wouldn't recommend the beach in the first year.  no one wants sandy poop.

We went to my mom's for the family pig roast.  It was a really nice time!
Lionel is a people person.

singing with Oma

With Auntie S.

Auntie J.

Cousin once removed

Auntie K.

The 80+ Lb pig

Oma come back to the city with us.

Dada came with us and hung out with Bunny while I gardened.  Bunny likes his rice cereal!

This is a chair my dad brought back from Cuba

Baby group picnic

in the end, 5/7 babies cried.  While we laughed and took pictures.

Bunny is very secure with his sitting now.  Occasionally he tips over when he looks around at something.  He's flipping from front to back, but not the other way.  He's moving objects from one hand to the other.  No interest in standing or crawling. 
This chair was my Aunt Vicky's.  She passed away when I was 3 or 4.

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