Thursday, September 11, 2014


I think I have it all figured out.  After all, I have a 7+ month old...

ha ha.

But I have my theories. 

On sleep:
We* haven't bothered with sleep training.  Mostly 'cause I don't want to make Bunny cry.  Yes, make.  Cause as the adult, allowing my baby to cry is on me, not on him!  (there is research about brain changes and CIO, so I don't want to go there) 
This is something I've been thinking about.  It would be easier in these early months to have him nap and sleep on his own.

I'm glad I didn't.
1. because I would have missed all the cuddles
2. at 7+ months he is learning on his own to settle without nursing.

I've had several triumphant moments these past few days!  putting him down after nursing him to sleep has become possible, as well as settling him down by rubbing and patting his chest.  I've also got him to sleep by rocking and singing after picking him up prematurely from a nap, and he's still tired.

On food:
I've decided baby lead weaning is dumb! not for us.  I do not understand how it works.  Here kid, this is a slippery banana/apple/watermelon hunk.  now loose your grip and choke on it.  Maybe I was doing it wrong?  I love the idea of Bunny exploring his food once he know what to do with it once it's in his mouth...

On parenting books:
Male Dr.s need to speak to A LOT of women before writing books about birth and motherhood.  I tried to read Touchpoints by Brazelton (as much as I like his name lol).  What a pompous ass.

*I say we, but I think J just lets me do what I want lol.
**I understand you have reasons for needing to sleep train.

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