Monday, October 13, 2014

8 months old!?

Bunny turned 8 months old!

He's passed a few milestones.  In the beginning of the month he started moving objects from one hand to the other.  He has 3 teeth.  He also started the pincer fingers and likes to pick up, and play with little things.  Zipper toggles, buttons, and small litter on the floor.  (This mommy is becoming diligent at sweeping every day now!!)  A fly landed next to him and he tried to grab it.  That was pretty cute actually!  He is also having trouble picking up his shadow. 
He's not moving around a lot.  I think he's too heavy!  He's good at sitting!  He seemed to have gotten bored with it for a few days though, because he went on a sitting strike.  He quickly realized that laying there was even less fun.
He was born 7Lbs 2 oz, and 20 inches. Now? 30 Lbs and 30 inches.  He wears 18 month onsies and 24 month pants. Speaking of pants.  Even 24 month pants don't really fit!  So Oma and I made pant that do!
At night he's sleeping 11-12 hours, 1-6 hours at a time in bed with us.
We're not forcing the food stuff.  We feed him every day.  Um, let me clarify, Food other than breast milk!  I made leek and potato soup and he ate that up.  He's not a fan of cooked carrots (neither am I).  Oma and I fed him Amaranth porridge.  That had some interesting end results...amaranth doesn't digest fully, and we have amaranth porridge in the diaper...Grainy mustard anyone? There where amaranth seeds that just wouldn't come off his bum.  Gross.
We managed to go swimming at the end of August.  Bunny seemed to like to float.  We went with 2 friends who where/are pregnant (TJ was born at the beginning of September)

I've been feeling hormonal.  I've been dreading getting my period.  This spoken word made me feel slightly better about it:

I've lost most of my baby weight.  I attribute that to breastfeeding, walking LOTS, wearing a huge baby and eating healthy.  Now, don't get me wrong!  I have my bad days!  But in general, I eat well.

One thing I did not realize this. Even when you are not with your child you are still on duty. I'm sure it gets easier as they get older. I've been 'on' for Bunny's entire life. Feeling tired isn't just about the amount of sleep moms get. 
Here is the link to my Youtube channel.  I've up loaded a bunch.

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