Thursday, October 30, 2014

gearing up for a change

I'm getting ready to make a change in my diet again.

I've recently figured out a few things, and they need to get better.  I hope food can be my medicine.

1. I can remineralize my teeth.  I cannot afford a dentist, but I can afford to make my own tooth paste, take specific supplements and eat the proper foods.  I know I have cavities, and I've read a few articles/blog posts saying they can be healed (x-rays-cavities, remineralize, 6 months later, no cavities)  That sounds so woowoo writing it down!  But I just can't afford to get drilled!

2. My hormones are messed.  I knew this before getting pregnant.  I guess they where on track enough TOO get pregnant, so that's good.  But I've started feeling yucky again.  Anxiety, PMS, mood swings.  No period yet, but it's coming.

3.  My platelets are low again.  Not dangerous, but I'm bruising.  Pregnancy stabilized them.  ITP is an auto immune disorder.  I need to think about an autoimmune diet.

4.  IBS!  that too was settled while pregnant.  I'm cheesed that all the good stuff just didn't stay.  Anti inflammatory feeds please.

5. I just feel cruddy.  Fatigued, foggy brain, sore joints.

The first thing I'm going to look at is autoimmune diet.  It's been a long time since my body has been attacking itself.  I found an online seminar that is actually geared towards weight loss for women, but the description spoke about auto immune, anti inflammatory stuff so I thought I'd check it out.  I have some good resources from them.  It's mostly paleo.  I've done 'the paleo diet' before for about a month.  it's HARD, but I did feel pretty great.  I'll need J's help so I can do a lot more food prep. 

I'm planning on starting with no gluten (I should be staying away from wheat anyway as it bothers me), no added sugar and no cow dairy.  For this part of the transition I'm going to allow myself goat cheese and yogurt. 
Soon I'd like to start full paleo for breakfast and lunch, and 'just' good healthy whole foods for dinner.

I'm also not sure I should be going full out paleo/autoimmune while I'm still breastfeeding Bunny almost full time.  He's still getting 90% of his nutrition from me, and I don't want to detox too hard while that's happening.  I think that even if the toxins don't go into my breast milk, it will be hard on me to do that filtering.
So, baby steps. 
I need to make some sort of chart and see if all these special diets even can work together!

But I think for now, no gluten, no added sugar, low dairy, way more vegetables will help.

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