Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Although there are undertones of unsettledness I feel about the origins of thanksgiving (I won't rage about it, it happened, it sucks), it does always serve as a reminder to stop and remember what we are thankful for.
It's also a really great reason to have a family gathering and eating turkey.  (even though I don't think I'll be getting turkey this year *sob*)

This year I am thankful for
- Bunny
- the amazing birth we had
- my families support in the early months.  Most specifically Sister S. who came from across the city (over an hour commute some days).
- J.  He tries so hard.  I don't  mean that in a patronizing way.  He's got a stressful job, a teen aged son giving him grief, an elderly mom who needs help, and a demanding wife.  He's pretty great.

We have a good place to live, heat, water, food.

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