Sunday, June 19, 2016

New things to come?

So I may have spoken too soon about starting up again!
We just got J's new schedule. 
He is guaranteed 8 shifts/month ( read that right, per month.  that is our budget)
He generally is given a few more to cover peoples days off. 
July he has 23 days scheduled.  Almost 3 times as many.  No weekends off.  His one scheduled day off is Thursday, where he works at the massage clinic.  Across town.  So, 27 days.  He has Mondays off. 
The kicker?  I started a part time job.  He watches Lionel while I work.  I come home 5 minutes before he leaves for work. 

Any tips for avoiding burn out!?

So.  I may not be here much.  I'll be needing this down time for making sure the household is running smoothly.  And, well, maybe napping.

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