Thursday, September 1, 2016

Orange Rhino Challenge (ie. no yelling)

I've been finding myself yelling, shouting and sometimes even screaming at Bunny for no good reason at all (good reasons include: Safety, and, um, safety). 
I want to stop. 
I decided a week or so ago to try the Orange Rhino Challenge.  TORC was started by a mom, with no official background in child education or psychology.  She just knew she wanted, or needed, to stop yelling.
First I spent the time before Sept. 1 thinking about when I yelled, and why.  What are my triggers?  What makes me steamy?
For me it's not making messes, being loud or displaying emotion.  It's being defiant. 
"DUDE!  JUST DO WHAT I'M ASKING!" is the typical thing that comes out. 

So my end goal is 365 days not yelling.  That's really just a visual.  Something to track.  My real goal is to be conscious.  Conscious of my emotions and how I express them. 

When I yell, I go to day 0 again.

I'm still thinking about exactly what my barometer will be.  TOR (The Orange Rhino, she decided to stay anonymous) has a Yelling Meter and her own set of rules.  I'll need to figure out exactly what my rules are.

So far today has been good.  Came close a few times.  Somewhere between a 3 and 4.  I'm also in a good mood, so that helps.  Give me a few weeks when my cycle changes *ahem*.  My diet also effects how I feel.  Wheat makes me angry.  Too much sugar makes my joints hurt, and I feel grumpy.  I need to make sure I sleep.  I'm also tracking how often I do yoga.  Aiming for 28 days morning and night.

I'm going to try to set up a tracker here to keep accountable!

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