Thursday, August 28, 2014

getting organized

I recently read a blog post about tips on time management
I made a 28 dinner menu plan.  4 weeks of dinners!
I've tried this before, so I hope I can stick to it.

Here is my plan:

M- Stuffed Squash
T- Chips and dips
W- Sushi
T- Meat (whatever is on sale) and veg (whatever is in season)
F- Spaghetti
S- Chili
S- Fish
M- East Indian pouches
T- Zucchini lasagna 
W- Fried rice
T- Shepherds pie
F- Shrimp pesto
S- Soup/stew
S- Risotto
M- Pot pie
T- Burgers
W- Meat (whatever is on sale) and veg (whatever is in season)
T- Quinoa casserole
F- Bangers and mash
S- Whole chicken with quinoa and veg.
S- Macauli and cheese
M- Wraps
T- Pizza
W- Tacos
T- Alfredo (shrimp/chicken)
F- Chicken wings
S- Curry
S- Meat (whatever is on sale) and veg (whatever is in season)

I tried to arrange it so I'm able to us similar ingredients a few days apart.  Like the spaghetti, chili and lasagna, or I'll be making rice for the Indian pouches, and then making fried rice (which is better with cold rice anyway!), or I make curry and mac and cheese with cauliflower.  I also arranged it so we didn't have a week full of beef, or pasta.  We have at least one vegetarian meal a week.

And don't worry, when I say 'chicken wings' or 'fish' there will be a veggie or salad to go with it.

I'll eat leftovers for lunch.

I also like tips numbers:
1. If you’re going to waste time, do it at the end of the day rather than the beginning.
3. Have daily planning sheets and fill them out the night before
8. Purge items from your home at least every three months

As well as the tip:  
Organize your day:
1st: essential
2nd: necessary
3rd: nice to do  

Some of the other tips we won't do.  We don't have the space for a million rolls of TP or garbage bags.  We don't give gifts or cards much, and when we do, they are hand made, or very specific.  We have a stupid tiny fridge so I can't make a lot to freeze. 

I'm going to go buy some white boards for the menu and daily list.

Lets see if this time I can get on top of it!

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