Monday, August 11, 2014

Sleeping arrangements

We've been co-sleeping, or more aptly, bed sharing, as some people call sharing a room co-sleeping too.

In principle, and in general, I love it.
My body on the other hand does not.

I really like not getting out of bed to feed Bunny when he wakes up to eat.  We had a bedside co-sleeper I found useless because I still had to rouse myself from sleep to get him.  And stay away until he was deep asleep to move him back.  What was the point of that??

I like smelling him, and feeling his (not so) little body.

Lately he's been waking up every time I move.  So I've been sleeping on one side all night.
He's nursing for comfort, because I move and wake him up.  He still wakes up once in the early morning for hunger.

SO, I'm going to slowly start transitioning him into his own bed.  And I mean slowly.
We don't even have his bed set up.

I figure we'll try it this way:

- Hang out on his bed.  Have a couple small soft toys that are bed toys.  I've seen it suggested that we sleep with his sheets before hand to make it smell like us.
- Start to put him down for naps. 
Right now we nurse to sleep, and most times he just stays in my arms, or we nurse laying down.  He wakes up when I try and move him.  I might have a tired Bunny for a few days!
- Continue to bed share until I'm feeling like it's time.  When will I have enough!?
- Start putting him in his bed at night, have Dada comfort him when he wakes.  Determine when to nurse.
-Eventually full on night weaning, with Dada being the bed time guy.  In the mean time, involve Dada more.

This plan might take days or months. 

We are not doing CIO. 


  1. Ha ha, I just noticed we have the same post title. Oops. Don`t know if that was subliminal or chance but either way, Sorry. It is pretty funny!