Friday, January 28, 2011

getting fit!

I'm rather squishy. 
I'm fairly thin, just squishy!

I would like to get in a routine before baby making time so I can safely continue to exercise after I'm pregnant.  ya.   I'm running out of time!

I started this and this

I'm on the bottom terr for push ups.  I couldn't do ONE 'good form' push up.  I can however now do 5 knee push ups.  just finished week one.

I can, however, do squats.  I'm on the top terr for that!!  woo hoo!  but I lack stamina.  So although during the initial test I could do 40, doing 5 sets of 13-20 is hard...

I'm still hooping with Sadie.  I'm feeling pretty challenged!  I've added another challenge, in that I want to add hooping to my clown turn...what!?  oh, I have a clown character...she only has one turn ('turn' is what clowns call an act/routine).  the challenge is that I'm performing at Lunacy Cabaret on Feb. 19...buhbuhbuh!

I had planned on starting circus conditioning with Kalen...but I started a meditation night with a friend. Gotta exercise the mind too!!

On top of that, I'm doing yoga podcasts a few days a week.  Trying on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my off days for the push ups and squats, and today, I did it all! 

And I feel GREAT.  The big challenge will be to continue when I start work in the spring!  eeee!

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