Friday, January 7, 2011

the pig and the pom pom

one of my favourite gifts this Christmas was a salt pig!  with pink Himalayan salt.  I could just eat it on it's own...thats how good it tastes!

I was asked why it's called a pig, I guessed the shape slightly resembles one...but it's because "Scots and northern Brits way back when used the word "pig" to refer to a pot, jar, crock, or earthenware vessel. "

and here is a tutorial on how to make pompoms!  this was *my* first

 first you cut 2 (TWO) circles of card stock (cereal box would work) a bit bigger than you want your pompom.  cut a hole in the middle of each about half the size (so if your circle is 3 inches...the inside should be 1.5 inches)  I have no idea how much yarn you use!!  I brought the 'doughnuts' halfway between a bunch of yarn (leftover from a gift (revealed tomorrow or Sunday!)) and started winding!

 I just kept stuffing it in.  You wind until you cant fit the yarn though anymore.

 Then, you slip scissors in between the two cardboard circles and cut around.

 Slip a long piece of yarn between the circles and pull tight.  I made a reef knot a couple times after winding.  wind once, knot, wind again, knot.  leave a tail for attachment.
the pompom might be a little shaggy, so give'r a trim (I trimmed onto an open book to catch the fluffs)

A knotty joke:  
A rope walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "I'm sorry, um, we don't serve ropes here!"  So the rope walks out all disgruntled.  He sits on the curb thinking for a bit, and has a light bulb moment.  He ties a knot at the top and messes up the end a bit, and walks back into the bar.  the bartender rudely says "HEY BUD!  didn't I say NO ROPES ALLOWED!!??"   and the rope replies "I'm a fayed knot!"

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