Monday, January 3, 2011

day planner

By trade I'm a gardener...or a "horticulture technician".  So I work about 8 months, generally April-end of November/beginning of December.  Then I go on EI (employment insurance) for December-March.  When I am working, my mind is focused and I know exactly what day it is and what is going on.  My brain this past month has gone to mush!  days?  the date?  (ie, my previous post ...oh, it's NYE!?).  I declared I needed to get a day planner!

but they are 'so' expensive...for something I will use for a year?  sure.  I could go to the dollar store...and some of them are kinda cute...but  made in China...I try not to buy from China, I'd rather source Canada, or even better, Toronto.  I generally don't mind paying more for local, but since I'm on EI, money is tight...

SO...what is a crafty girl, who has too much time on her hands do?  MAKE ONE!  out of reused items...AKA, upcycled items!  A new term I learned recently.

My new boss gave me some gardening mags this year.  I ripped out pages that I had read, and where pretty.  I generally was able to use 3 pages for a month.  5 weeks, plus the month page.

I folded them into 4.  using double sided tape, I stuck the 'wrong' sides together, in half.

I made two holes on the folded edge.

for the days, I used label stickers I had, (I didn't want to buy anything new)
 I made a little booklet of each month, cut covers out of card stock, and tied it all up in ribbon.

 AND.  I ran out of stickers!  I happened to have old (one from '96 !!!!!) calendars.  (I keep them if I like the pictures, to make cards/wrap with)  I cut out the days that had no writing on them, and used a glue stick to stick 'em on

It was all kind of random and slapped together...but I love it.  I want to make more for next year, and better, for gifts.  (give me your 2010 calendars!  Maybe you'll get one for Christmas this year)

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