Friday, January 14, 2011

Just a moment

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This week I went to a trade show!!  It is a landscape/horticulture trade show called Congress. My boss payed for me to go, and take the seminars.  it was quite inspiring.  I was mostly inspired by a seminar called "Horticulture as Therapy for Specialized Populations" .  I was thinking of my Grandparents through out the seminar.  They belong to three horticulture societies, and are on a yearly garden walk.  My Grandma can't garden anymore because she can't bend/kneel.  And I know it's starting to take it's toll on Grandpa too.  I plan on going up once a month this summer to help out, and I'd *like* to help build some raised beds to make things easier on Grandpas back/knees.  My boss suggested even just things like ikea/rubbermaid bins...I could even make nice simple wooden boxes for the outsides.  Maybe if I can make a seat that Grandma can easily sit on and move, she can grub around again too.

At the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton they have a program called Horticulture Therapy Professional Training that I'd like to do, then I'd be certified!

My sister is a Personal Support Worker...I kept thinking that maybe she's want to get in on this with me too!

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