Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the plan

Now that the holidays and craziness are over, I need a plan of action.  Otherwise I'd be on the Internet/knitting/reading all day.  I can't turn into a lump pudding.
My grand plan includes:
  • Not getting up at 10:30am anymore.  It makes my head grainy.  So I'll be getting up at 8am.
  • doing yoga EVERY MORNING, except Saturdays, thats when I work at the cafe.
  • doing a cleanse.  I'm going to cut out most meats and dairy...maybe eggs?  for a couple weeks.  I have IBS, and all the rich foods/wheat during the holidays has my tummy upset.  Brown rice and veggies.  and homemade soup!  (oh, theres a good sink soup), and *lots* of water and herbal teas.
  • Study plants.  I got 100% in my plant ID class last winter...but I don't remember a single thing!!  (you remember the Latin names of 12 weeks of 13 plants a week!!)
  • visiting friends.  I have a friend with a new baby, and her husband has to work.  she's got some major food restrictions, so she can't do fast foods easily.  I want to bring her food!  and just friends in general.
  • Hooping and circus conditioning classes once a week.  I take my hooping class with my friend Sadie, and the circus conditioning with my friend Kalen at the Centre of Gravity.  I promised my boss I'd get in shape for this next season, and J and I will be trying for a baby this spring...I want to be in shape for that too!
and that's what I can think of now.  That along with a stitch and bitch group I'm trying to get organised, and some performances I'm doing (more later) I'll be busy.  Thank goodness, 'cause, I was starting to get bored!

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