Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've been writing haiku for my facebook status updates since Monday.  I thought I'd share!  If I keep it up, maybe it will be a weekly thing.  I started because I wanted to vent, but didn't want to whine.  I thought getting creative with my words would make saying how I feel more satisfying than just complaining.  Mine aren't 'traditional' in subject, and follow the 5, 7 5 syllable.  Maybe I'll look into what a haiku really is and get deeper.  But for now, my focus is getting it out!

first day full time work
it's been a really long time
I hope I make it
day two, full time work
ten hours a day is lots
glad to be working
today, just my feet
hurt. my eyes, they are drooping.
Jason made dinner
Friday, Saturday,
Sunday off. Looking forward
to a fun weekend
it was a cool one
I miss the sun already
take me to san fran
going to bed now
it is almost the weekend
one more day of work!!
a surprise visit
kisses and introduction
I am still smiling
I walked home from work
Jason rubbed my poor sore feet
and now, off to bed

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